The 2016 Presidential Debates agree on one thing: Trystar

Love them or loath them, all eyes of our nation were on the 2016 Democratic and Republican Primary Debates, as well as the final Presidential Debates. With a worldwide media audience, there was no room for error, which is why Trystar was trusted with providing temporary power for this important event.

The PGA and Ryder Cup call and Trystar responds

The PGA’s prestigious Ryder Cup arrived in our backyard, at Minnesota’s Hazeltine International September 25th to 30th. The power demands of the massive tournament were the equivalent of a small city: Hundreds of hospitality tents, a worldwide media center, and several pavilions up to 100,000 square feet in size. Partnering with our customer Aggreko, Trystar provided reliable portable power throughout the event. We also put our master electricians and technicians on the ground to help inspect and assist wherever needed. This was just the latest of our long and proud history of contributing to major PGA and USGA events.

Trystar helps power the world’s biggest sporting event: 2016 World Cup

Soccer’s World Cup came to Brazil for the World Cup and Trystar was asked to provide temporary power across more than a dozen stadiums, spread over the entire country. With local power unable to meet all the demands of the venues and hospitality facilities, reliable temporary power was a critical need and Trystar delivered. Trystar equipment was also called on for the large-scale construction of stadiums and infrastructure leading up to the important event.