Our products and people in action.

It’s in the field where our products and people really prove themselves. Watch these short videos about Trystar in action in demanding environments like natural disasters and major events.

Trystar Responds to Hurricane Florence

When hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas on September 14th, 2018, Trystar was already hard at work. In fact, we began sending portable power equipment on September 10th—four days before Florence ever made landfall. And our shipments continued throughout that week, and into the following week. When Florence hit, the Trystar team was prepared to work harder, longer, and faster so that critically needed equipment was on the road and on site.

Trystar plays on the world's biggest stages.

The festivities surrounding Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis included 10 days of events, dozens of live music performances, and entertainment and experiences of all shapes and sizes. Pulling it all off also took miles of electrical cable, hundreds of stringer boxes, dozens of electrical panels and more. One manufacturer helped make it all happen: Trystar.

Sometimes it takes the worst to bring out our best.

Reliable portable power is one of the greatest and most immediate needs in natural disasters. During the severe flooding in Baton Rouge in 2016, we produced and shipped equipment overnight to help get power restored within hours.

When it comes to big events, there’s no detail too small.

A major event like The Ryder Cup has the power demands of a small city, so there’s no room for error. Partnering with our customer, we helped power hundreds of hospitality tents, a worldwide media center and massive pavilions.

Together we make sure the show goes on.

One of America’s largest music festivals, Bonnaroo, creates some of the most demanding environments for temporary power. In a matter of days, we helped transform a 100-acre farm to accomodate 65,000 fans. When equipment failure is not an option, customers count on Trystar.