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The Past Is Prologue

As a family business Trystar has grown from a local shop to an industry leader and laid a solid foundation for continuing that success in the future. But that future comes with new challenges and opportunities that are best met by transitioning from a family business to a professionally managed enterprise. Trystar’s new CEO, Andrew […]

Trystar at the 3M Open

For four days in July, Trystar portable power products and cable helped to bring power to the inaugural 3M Open on the PGA Tour. With over 6.5 miles of cable running from generators, everything from cash registers to the Friday night concert lights powered up for 3M Open’s first year success.

Trystar Rocks the Music Festival Season

On average, 32 million people attend music festivals in the United States each year. Over 600 are scheduled for 2019. And not one of them is possible without portable power. That’s why many of the largest shows depend on Trystar products to keep the power on and the crowds rocking.

Trystar Responds to Hurricane Florence

When hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas on September 14th, 2018, Trystar was already hard at work. In fact, we began sending portable power equipment on September 10th—four days before Florence ever made landfall. And our shipments continued throughout that week, and into the following week. When Florence hit, the Trystar team was prepared to work […]

Trystar helps power Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

One of America’s largest music festivals, Bonnaroo, creates some of the most demanding environments for temporary power. In a matter of days, we helped transform a 100-acre farm to accommodate 65,000 fans. When equipment failure is not an option – customers count on Trystar.

Trystar assists in repair of critical fuel supply facility for the Pacific Fleet

Built in the early 1940’s, the Red Hill fuel storage facility buried deep in the mountains above Pearl Harbor is an engineering feat on the scale of Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. Sixty-five years later it is still strategically vital to our nation’s defense, yet recently leaks were discovered which could compromise the Oahu aquifer that supplies Honolulu’s drinking water.