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When emergencies happen, governments need a fast and reliable source of power that meets safety requirements. At Trystar, we can quickly design and deliver a robust array of portable and permanent products that provide dependable power access while meeting compliance.

Whether you’re removing water from flooded areas or setting up a medical camp, it’s critical to have a fast power connection. Unfortunately, many emergency power solutions require master electricians, who are often unavailable due to high demand.

At Trystar, we ensure you obtain reliable power access for restoration and temporary power. From portable solutions to docking stations, our custom-designed technology provides reliable power that anyone can operate with minimal training.

Meet Tight Deadlines and Compliance With Ease

No matter your timeframe, we can tailor a cost-effective solution to meet the tightest deadlines. Our in-house design and manufacturing process allows us to address your specific situation with efficiency and speed.

Since our robust products allow anyone to be trained on their operations, you can safely eliminate any electrician needs while still meeting compliance.

A Committed Team of In-House Experts

Your emergency preparedness situation has its own set of unique challenges. Thanks to our dedicated team of engineers, we’ll help you navigate your specific situation from start to finish and beyond.

From your very first point of contact, our team will provide expertise and guidance before designing a customized solution that you can count on. Whether you need field assistance or operational training, you’ll have a trusted partner by your side.

Robust Panels for Large-Scale Power

Whether you’re in a facility or the field, our sophisticated panels provide quick and reliable power connections for long-term care and services.

Single Purpose Docking Station

Trystar Generator Docking Stations are designed to safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to a building, lift station, or portable piece of equipment. During a power outage, a generator docking station allows you to quickly return power without an electrician, which helps protect your building from the risks and…

Stationary Load Banks

The LS Series of Outdoor Stationary Load Banks offer the most robust, high-capacity, outdoor designs in the industry. Trystar is setting the standard with intelligent operator controls, safety indication layouts, adjustable load step resolution, and ease of installation. The LS Series of Stationary products is the perfect solution for regularly scheduled…

Resistive Reactive Load Banks

The RL Series Resistive-Reactive Load Banks : Setting the standard for testing Mission Critical Systems. A robust, resistive/ inductive, high-capacity load bank ready for the great outdoors High Capacity * 300 kVA to 1875 kVAIdeal for testing and maintenance of large AC power systems at rated kVA Weatherized &…

RIE Modular Buildings

Trystar produces commercial modular buildings for organizations in industries like power generation, government, military and telecommunications. Our pre-engineered modular buildings are one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of structures your business can use to house critical electrical equipment. Trystar is a turnkey service provider, meaning we can assist…

UltraLITE Model ELU (1.5kW to 14kW)

Meeting the NFPA 101 and NFPA 111 standards, the UltraLITE Model ELU is considered “Life Safety Equipment.” It is also UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment,” providing the required 90 minutes of emergency backup power, and is 100% compatible with all lighting applications and life safety systems. The voltage…

EON Model EL3 (10kW – 55kW) Three Phase

With expanded output ratings up through 55kW, the three phase EON Model EL3 centralized emergency lighting inverter offers the best reliability and performance for your egress lighting system! Meeting stringent design and performance specifications, the self-diagnostic, self-testing EON is UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment” and “Auxiliary Lighting and…

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