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Modular Blast Rated Buildings

Trystar engineers and fabricates blast-rated portable buildings that protect critical electrical components. Our customization capabilities enable us to develop personalized solutions that rise to challenges in the most hazardous environments. Count on us for a cost-effective and reliable modular control enclosure building that meets your application’s requirements. 

Our engineers and fabricators produce modular control enclosure structures that we can deliver to your facility or a remote job site. We perform all wiring, testing and power distribution integration prior to delivery so that you can begin using your enclosure immediately. Each enclosure features pressurization, air purification, insulation and blast-resistant materials according to your specifications. 

Benefits of Blast Rated Enclosures

Safety and performance are critical to your crew’s success. Our enclosures provide numerous benefits that protect your job site and maintain productivity: 

  • Staff safety: We offer three blast resistance levels — high, low and medium — to protect employees inside the enclosure.  
  • Equipment protection: Our enclosures shield the equipment inside from blasts while maintaining consistent internal moisture and temperature levels. 
  • Cost savings: Reliable protection and work-ready fabrication ensure full productivity with minimal downtime so you can operate more efficiently and pay less for installation. 
  • Job efficiency: Reducing downtime will help your team complete jobs faster, creating opportunities for your business to expand. 

Enclosures for Various Explosion Levels

Trystar enclosures are available in three of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) damage-level prediction classes. Your industry, application and other factors may determine whether you require a structure capable of low, high or medium responses after an explosion. Consult with our team for help selecting the appropriate response level given the hazards and equipment present at your facility.


We produce High-Response enclosures for settings where an explosion would fundamentally damage the enclosure’s structural integrity. Explosions of this magnitude will likely cause the building to collapse, so the cost to repair the structure would be close to or equal to the cost of replacement.


A Medium-Response enclosure protects equipment when an explosion would damage a widespread portion of the building. Damage to the structure would be significant, but repairs can bring it back online. However, the repair costs would be considerable.


Our Low-Response control enclosure structures are ideal for applications where any explosion would impact a small portion of the enclosure. These enclosures are usable after a blast but will require moderate repairs to preserve their structural integrity. Any damage would likely only impact the enclosure’s outside layer, resulting in moderate repair costs.

Industries We Serve

At Trystar, design and manufacture custom blat-resistant enclosures for a wide range of facilities. Our experience and capabilities extend to numerous industries, including: 

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