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Model ES (4500VA - 15500VA)

From its aesthetically pleasing innovative design to its ease of installation and user-friendly operation, the Model ES UPS is the right choice to provide conditioned, continuous backup power to today’s mission critical applications.

This true online, double conversion UPS incorporates a field-proven design, which has a solid track record of protecting mission critical applications and preventing downtime. This translates into trusted performance and reliability.

Industry Leading 3-Year Warranty!


  • I.T. Network Server Rooms
  • Small to Medium Data Centers
  • Industrial Controls and Automation
  • Healthcare I.T.
  • Business Continuity Requiring Extended Runtimes

Product Specifications

Features and Benefits

  • Extended battery back-up time, without the need for additional cabinetry.
  • An internal computer-grade isolation transformer provides electrical noise attenuation and power conditioning.
  • Nominal input voltage options from 120 VAC to 600 VAC, with conversion to the exact nominal output voltage needed, even in bypass.
  • A secure maintenance bypass system that assures a fully in-sync transfer, and allows maintenance to be performed without shutdown.
  • A user-friendly, information-rich color monitor with a high resolution touchscreen display.
  • Full network communications, including options for Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP/IP, or MODBUS 485.
  • Output distribution options where you decide the exact receptacles and/or breakers supplied.

Performance Specs

  • Input Voltage: Nominal voltages from 120V to 600V at 60 Hz; 220V to 415V available at 50 Hz
  • Input Operating Voltage Range: +12%, – 15% at full load; +12%, -40% at 53% load (without battery usage)
  • Input Frequency: 60 Hz (50 Hz available), ± 5% from nominal
  • Input Power Factor: > .98 typical
  • Input Current Distortion: < 5% THD
  • Output Voltage: Nominal voltages include 120V, 208/120V, 240/120V or 240/208/120V at 60 Hz; 120V to 240V available at 50 Hz
  • Output Line Voltage Regulation: ± 1.5% from nominal typical
  • Output Frequency: ± 0.5% while in battery operation mode
  • Overload Rating: 125% for 2 minutes, 150% for 30 seconds
  • Voltage Distortion: 3% maximum THD with a linear load
  • Battery: Valve-regulated, sealed lead calcium, maintenance-free, and field replaceable
  • Internal full-load runtimes from 5 to 70 minutes, with extended runtimes from 1 to 5+ hours
  • Operating Temperature: 0°C (32°F) to 40°C (104°F) without derating; optimum battery performance and life at 25°C
  • Relative Humidity: 0 to 95% non-condensing
  • UL 1778 Listed, C-UL Listed to Canadian National Standard C22.2, No. 107.1 M01

Single Phase Sizes

  • 4500VA, 5500VA, 6500VA, 7500VA, 8300VA, 9000VA, 10000VA, 11000VA, 12000VA, 13500VA, 14500VA, 15500VA

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there benefits of having an internal isolation transformer?

Yes. The first benefit is the ability to step the available source voltage up or down or to convert 3-wire and 4-wire input configurations to match the exact needs of your protected equipment. The second benefit is the power quality advantages realized by re-establishing the neutral to ground bond and maintaining the integrity of a clean, noise-free reference for your critical equipment, even in bypass.

Are multiple output voltages available to satisfy the power needs of more than one critical system?

Yes. The Model ES is offered with an internal output isolation transformer providing 240/208/120 VAC. All three nominal output voltages are available via output receptacles and/or a hardwired terminal connection. You could hardwire to an external 240/120 VAC power panel and have 208 VAC available via one or more output receptacles. This unprecedented flexibility allows you to protect today’s critical equipment, as well as future equipment you may purchase.

Can the Model ES step 600VAC or 480VAC down to 120VAC, 2-wire plus ground?

Yes. In fact, these configurations are available from 4.5kVA through 11kVA! This absolutely satisfies the need of many industrial customers who prefer a single 120VAC, 2-wire output, capable of supporting higher power levels. Of course, a 240/120 VAC, 3-wire output is also available. Please see Page 6 of our Model ES brochure for voltage configuration details.

How much internal battery backup time is available?

While it depends on the kVA rating of the UPS and the percent of load, a 4.5kVA system can provide up to 70 minutes of internal battery backup, at full load. A 15.5kVA system can provide 12 minutes at full load. To see the internal battery options for all models, please see Page 7 of our Model ES brochure.

Are external battery options available for longer run time?

Yes. By adding one matching external battery cabinet, a 4.5kVA system can provide up to five hours of battery backup at full load, and a 15.5kVA can provide 60 minutes or more! To see the external battery options for all models, please see Page 7 of our Model ES brochure. Consult factory for even longer battery run times.

What is meant by a secure maintenance bypass system?

A secure maintenance bypass system consists of an automatic static bypass and a manual maintenance bypass switch. The term “secure” indicates that the system’s maintenance bypass may be switched to and from bypass mode without disrupting the critical load. Exclusive to the Model ES, the secure maintenance bypass system automatically invokes a synchronization command that forces the UPS to activate the static bypass first, before continuing to maintenance bypass mode. This system bypasses around the UPS electronics and controls, allowing for maintenance to be performed without shutdown or disruption of power to the load. If the Model ES includes an internal isolation transformer, the transformer is kept in the power circuit so that system isolation, voltage transformation, and power conditioning are maintained. The Model ES secure maintenance bypass system brings large system UPS features to mid-sized applications.rn

How can the Model ES operate with an input voltage of -50% from nominal without battery usage?

The answer is “Adaptive Input Range” technology, which is exclusive to the Model ES. Adaptive Input Range technology is used to automatically broaden the input operating range as a function of load. This feature provides added security during deep brownout conditions without battery consumption. Depending on the percent of load, the input voltage can drop as low as 50% of nominal before resorting to battery power, thus increasing battery life.rnrnAdaptive Input Range assures the batteries will be at full capacity for a real emergency – a power outage.

How do I know when to check my UPS batteries?

To answer this critical question, the Model ES tells you when to check your batteries. Standard on every Model ES UPS, the Intellistat TS monitor display includes a battery status indicator that will turn red if a weak battery condition is detected. In addition, the Intellistat TS provides complete diagnostics, including user-programmable automatic battery testing and date/time stamped logging of the results.

Can I get output breakers on my UPS and have my electrician hardwire to them instead of wiring to a wall-mounted panel?

Yes. In addition to the standard main output terminals and various output receptacle options, the Model ES can include an output (branch) circuit breaker panel option. Depending on the UPS cabinet selected and circuit breaker ratings, up to 16 individual circuit breakers can be included for a hardwired connection. Designated ½” knock-outs are provided for conduit landing.

What are my remote monitoring options?

There are several. Each Model ES includes a hardwired terminal strip interface for remote indication of UPS status and alarms. These status and alarm contacts can interface with an optional Remote Annunciator panel provided by Controlled Power. If remote communications and monitoring are desired via a network connection, the Model ES is equipped with an optional NetMinder Slot Card. The NetMinder Slot Card integrates the Model ES into an Ethernet TCP/IP, MODBUS TCP, or MODBUS RS485 network with a specific IP address. Your network connection then simply plugs into the slot card. For more details about our NetMinder Slot Card and NetMinder UNMS II UPS Network Management software, please see Page 3 of our Model ES brochure.

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