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As a pioneer in the electrical equipment business, Trystar understands the production, manufacturing, and distribution of goods and services — industry. Years of experience helping our customers solve challenges has honed our insights. It’s fired our imagination to innovate. And it’s taught us that a customer-centric (and curious) business approach leads to collaboration and successful long-term relationships. Trystar system solutions enhance productivity, efficiency, and safety in many industries. Browse the industry solutions below to see how we can help you — or call us. We look forward to challenges.

Transportation Equipment Manufacturing

The transportation manufacturing industry is one of the largest in the United States. It encompasses over 10,000 companies with a combined revenue of $986B — and it’s where you’ll find a wide range of Trystar solutions like power conditioners, rectifiers, and power distribution panels.

Trystar helps protect sensitive, precision automation equipment with AC power conditioners that provide clean, stable, and reliable power. And preventing sags, surges, and spikes minimizes downtime and lost revenue. You’ll also find Trystar helping to enhance product durability and performance with rectifier solutions used for e-coating, plating, and anodizing. And when it’s time for a plant shutdown or changeover, Trystar can supply transformers, vertical I-panels, and distribution boxes so you can get power where it needs to go to clean, maintain, or replace electrical infrastructure.

Oil and Gas Extraction/Petroleum Products Manufacturing

Trystar products are known for quality and durability. Third-party testing helps ensure their design and performance. That’s why you’ll find our products in some of the most robust and hazardous environments like mining, oil drilling, and refining. For example, our blast-proof and non-blast-proof remote instrument enclosures (RIEs) can protect sensitive electronic equipment, generators, and (more importantly) employees against the unexpected. Our RIEs (and E-Houses) are built to your specifications and serve as turnkey solutions. They arrive at your facility pre-wired and fully integrated with power distribution equipment. And they feature essential utilities like HVAC, lighting, air filtration, and fire detection equipment to ensure a safe and efficient working environment. Most are skid-mounted for portability and reusability. They are also ideal for other industries like telecommunications and data centers. Rely on Trystar to keep things going when the going is tough.

Waste Management and Remediation Industry

The waste industry typically covers waste material collection, treatment, and disposal. It also covers remediation, which may concern cleaning contaminated buildings, sites, soil, and groundwater – or debris from storms! You’ll find Trystar products in the field and the facilities for these varied industries, including wastewater treatment. Our transformers, power conditioners, and voltage regulators help step power up or down while keeping it stable and reliable for key wastewater treatment components like pumps and mixers. And you’ll find our portable automatic transfer switches, I-panels, and power distribution panels conveying and controlling much-needed power in disaster areas following hurricanes and tornadoes. And you might find our GridPak portable renewable energy solution powering emergency operation centers at the same disaster sites. Wherever electricity needs to be controlled and distributed in the waste management and remediation industry, you’ll find Trystar.

Other Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing is the largest of the goods-producing sectors in North America. The testing, control, and conveyance of electricity are ubiquitous, and that makes all manufacturing a natural environment for Trystar products and services. We offer load banks to test standby generator power reliability and quality. We have power regulation and conditioning equipment, transformers, and uninterruptible power supplies to provide just the right amount of quality power. We offer docking stations and automatic transfer switches (portable and permanent) to protect against unplanned outages. And we offer a variety of cable products and cable assemblies for equipment, lines, and loads. So, if you need to regulate power distribution to various equipment and loads in a manufacturing setting, from machines to emergency lighting, rely on Trystar for solutions and collaborative engineering counsel. We understand electricity. And if we need help understanding your industry, we want to learn. Give us a call.

Industrial Style Transformer

Our Industrial Transformer is the pinnacle of rugged portability. The entire system is built into its own heavy-duty dolly or cage. It also comes with fork pockets and a hefty lift ring. It is constructed of heavy gauge metals and designed to survive rental and industrial usage. It can be…

Trystar® Power Distribution Panel

In situations that demand a significant amount of power, anywhere from 400A up to 3000A, the Trystar® Power Distribution Panel with I-LINE®* components, can handle the job. It’s equipped with lifting hooks and fork pockets to help you wrangle it into position. These units are built tough and will stand…

Paralleling Bus Panel

The Trystar Paralleling Bus Panel provides a convenient and reliable way to connect multiple power sources, creating a single output of power. With individual breakers for each input, the Paralleling Bus Panel ensures protection and safety, making it an ideal solution for uninterrupted maintenance, testing, or repair. Upgrade your power…

Power Cable

Trystar Generator Cable is designed to carry the maximum amount of power across the greatest distances on site. It is built to true AWG standards and complies with multiple listing agency requirements. We apply an inner insulation layer in a contrasting color designed to alert you to cuts, nicks and excessive wear on the…

Trailer Load Banks

The LT Series of Load Banks offer a durable approach to those requiring a mobile testing solution. The LT Load Bank can be supplied as a complete “Trailer-Ready” assembly suitable for mounting to a customer supplied 7000 to 15000 Pound GVW Highway rated trailer. Alternatively, Trystar can integrate with a…

Modular Blast Rated Buildings

Trystar engineers and fabricates blast-rated portable buildings that protect critical electrical components. Our customization capabilities enable us to develop personalized solutions that rise to challenges in the most hazardous environments. Count on us for a cost-effective and reliable modular control enclosure building that meets your application’s requirements.  Our engineers and…

Blast Rated Panels & Enclosures

Trystar engineers, manufactures and installs control panels and control enclosures for commercial needs. Our experts work with power generation, telecommunications, military and government organizations to develop panels and enclosures that rise to meet specific industry challenges. We provide turnkey services that ensure you receive and maintain the ideal solution for…

Series 700A Power Processor (10 kVA – 1 MVA ) Three Phase

The Series 700A Power Processor is an electronic, microprocessor-controlled tap switching voltage regulator/power conditioner, which consists of an all-copper, multiple-tapped, triple-shielded isolation transformer. The transformer’s three electrostatic shields provide excellent electrical noise attenuation, and its low output impedance results in outstanding load regulation. On each of the transformer’s seven taps…

Series 700A Power Processor (5 kVA – 25 kVA ) Single Phase

The Series 700A Power Processor is an electronic, microprocessor-controlled tap switching voltage regulator / power conditioner, which consists of an all-copper, multiple-tapped, triple-shielded isolation transformer. The transformer’s three electrostatic shields provide excellent electrical noise attenuation, and its low output impedance results in outstanding load regulation. On each of the transformer’s…

Series 700F Front-Access Power Processor (10 kVA – 150 kVA) Three Phase

The Series 700F is a front access, tap switching, power conditioning voltage regulator which features a small footprint, high efficiency design, triple-shielded isolation transformer, tight output voltage regulation to ± 3%, and optional power quality monitoring. Digital processing provides fast, accurate regulation within one cycle, without over- or under-shoot. With…

Series 800PI Industrial Power Purifier (500 VA – 25 kVA)

The Series 800PI Industrial Power Purifier is a self-regulating, constant voltage transformer. It provides isolation and protects against fluctuating voltages, brownouts, line noise, and short-duration power outages. The Industrial Power Purifier’s power conditioning properties enable it to attenuate voltage spikes and reduce harmonic input current to less than 5% THD.

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