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Solar-Powered, Portable Power for Sustainable Energy Storage

Versatile, Reliable Power with Zero CO2 Emissions

Electrification is here to stay. And that means power produced by renewable means, like solar, will continue to be preferred and used where possible and practical. Trystar’s new GridPak is a portable power solution that generates clean, reliable energy with zero CO2 emissions. It’s perfect for temporary commercial and industrial applications and demonstrates environmentally responsible leadership.

GridPak makes sense for so many applications … like remote, virtually inaccessible locations. Since it works on solar energy, there’s no need to transport fuel to it on a regular basis. And it’s portable and quick to set up. Move it from one need to the next to maximize your return on investment. Simple technology makes it one of the most reliable temporary power solutions on the market.

WHAT IS GridPak?

The GridPak family of products is portable, localized, and self-sufficient. Since GridPak works on solar energy and battery energy storage, there’s no need to transport fuel to it regularly. It makes sense for various applications, including remote, virtually inaccessible ones. And it’s portable and quick to set up. Move it from one need to the next to maximize your return on investment. Simple technology makes it one of the market’s most reliable temporary power solutions. Adding it to your fleet or operation keeps you at the forefront of technology, and its demonstrable proof of your firm’s embrace of innovation and environmental stewardship. It will help you and your customers meet your decarbonization goals.

WHY GridPak?

GridPak is designed for customers who desire clean, sustainable, reliable power and want to address the growing demand to reduce CO2 emissions. It is also a quiet means of generating power. GridPak is made in the U.S.A. by Trystar®, an innovator and leader in electrical testing, conveyance, and control products. Trystar is known for highly engineered, quality products and systems backed by responsive product and service teams.

Product Specifications

Output Power

Continuous Output Power
(Battery + Generator)
30 kW + 6.5kW
Peak Battery Power60 kW
Output Voltage Options120/208 VAC (60 hz)
1 phase / 3 phase
Output Voltage Capacities83A @208 VAC 3ph
144A @208 VAC 1ph
250A @120 VAC 1ph
Max Power Output of Combined Trailers115 kW (4x trailers)

Battery Bank

Battery Capacities60kWh or 120kWh
or 180 kwh (option)
Total Trailer Energy
Capacity (Battery + Gen.)
190 kWh or
250 kWh or
310 kwh (option)
Battery ChemistryLiFePO4

Solar Power

Solar Array Power Deployed5.7 kW
Solar Array Power Stowed1.9kW


Nationally recognized approved subsystems
Easily Accessible E-stops

Solar Array

Dual Axis Solar Tracking
Elevation Angle0° – 50°
Azimuth Rotation± 175°
Array Dimensions16.3’ x 21.4’

Mechanical Specs
(60 KWH or 120 KWH)

Deployed Dimensions (W x L x H)16.3′ x 26′ x 21′
Stowed Dimensions ( W x L x H)8.5′ x 26′ x 8.3′
Total Weight13,000 or 15,000 lbs


The flexible design (to your specifications) of GridPak makes it ideal for a variety of applications. It is perfect for small outage power restoration and/or remote use. Here are just a few markets where GridPak makes sense:

Keep jobsite contractors productive with their projects. Keep the music playing at concert venues. Keep the lights on at night when fewer cars make highway and road construction ideal. GridPak can also be used to keep small businesses in business, and large businesses operating when the grid goes down. Just about anywhere there’s a need for portable, clean, reliable power, there’s a place for GridPak.

And if you need even more power, ask Trystar to design a multiple unit configuration wherein GridPaks work together to supply the energy needed for your project or application. The scalable design makes it ideal for complex applications.


Data CentersUtility
Police/Fire/GovernmentIndustrial Manufacturing
HealthcareLight/Heavy Industry
MilitaryOil & Gas Extraction

GridPak is also ideal for emergency needs where fresh water, water pumping, refrigeration and medical resources are compromised due to a lack of grid power. Trystar has a reputation for building and shipping emergency equipment, quickly and efficiently. It is perfect for speeding help and comfort in times of disaster.

More Info

Environmentally Friendly

GridPak provides energy that is generated by the sun. It does not burn fossil fuels to generate power so there are no particulate or CO2 emissions, proven to be harmful to the environment. Its use is demonstrable proof of your firm’s embrace of innovative technology and its environmental stewardship.

Easy Setup, Operation and Teardown

The labor market is tight, so we make it easy for just one person to set up the GridPak in as little as 15 minutes: no particular skill sets or tools are required. Solar panels unfold and automatically lock into position at the touch of a button.

Versatile Power Portability

GridPak comes in an easily deployable package. The trailer features weatherized housings and finish to resist inclement weather and robust site conditions. Tow GridPak to a local or remote location, just like a conventional generator.

Low Maintenance

The GridPak family of portable products is easy to set up and extremely self-sufficient once deployed. Since GridPak relies on batteries to provide power — and those batteries are constantly being charged by the onboard solar panel array — there’s no need for frequent onsite visits to replenish fuel. Even with inclement weather affecting the solar charging system, the onboard fuel source for the redundant charging system (LP-Fueled compact generator set) can last a long time. The cost per kilowatt hour is virtually zero because it doesn’t require conventional fuel.

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