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Welding Cable

Tryflex welding cable is a true standout for its durability, flexibility and overall performance. At its core is a rope stranded, AWG 30. (Class K), flexible, soft-drawn electrolytic copper conductor. Instead of a paper liner, it features a vinyl insulator between the copper and the outer jacket. The jacket is an elastomer compound rated at a staggering -49°C to +105°C. Trystar cable is RoHS compliant and exhibits excellent oil, water and abrasion resistance. It is rated at 600 volts for intermittent use (up to 3 hours continuous use). We offer a variety of colors, stripes or fluting, and custom print on every foot to ensure that your cable isn’t lost or stolen on the job site.

Product Specifications


For connections for electrode holder and grounding clamp to arc welder, bus, inverter or transformer-style weld machines. Also suitable for certain 600V applications such as battery leads and jumper cables.


ASTM B172 Rope stranded copper conductor, vinyl separator, insulated with oil and water resistant elastomer rubber hybrid compound.

Sample Print


Temperature Rating

-49°C to +105°C

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