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Disaster Response Restoration

Providing consistent, reliable and uninterrupted power is a critical need after any natural disaster. That’s why businesses, cities, counties and states count on Trystar for emergency power solutions, including cables, docking stations, spider boxes, power distribution panels and more.

Whether you are planning for permanent installations as part of your disaster preparedness plan, or need immediate, portable power supplies and cables to react to hurricanes, floods, wildfires, tornadoes and other disasters, Trystar is here to help.

Our team is experienced in helping emergency management and facilities teams develop complete systems, from self-sustaining hospitals to powering emergency response field units. The Trystar experts will work to understand your need, recommend a scalable suite of products and cables to handle your power requirements, and ensure you receive needed relief supplies in a timely manner.

In disaster response situations we make every effort to ship items as fast as possible, including keeping inventory to provide same-day shipping if at all possible.

Power Solutions for Natural Disasters

When an emergency occurs, first responders are in critical industries that often lose essential access to power. Workers on site need reliable, portable power supplies rugged enough to withstand extreme conditions to address these concerns. Whatever the situation, having trusted equipment ready to go can help workers get power to vital machinery and tools.

Whether they’re handling disaster recovery, rescuing victims or keeping buildings warm after a power outage, emergency responders can use these critical supplies to protect people in the path of a disaster. Trystar is ready to fulfill these needs with trusted resources that can protect communities from the ramifications of lost power, down power lines and other electrical emergencies.

Here are some of the most requested disaster power supplies:

Exterior of emergency hospital with power and parking lot lights


  • 4/0 Power Cable
  • 2/5 Banded Cable
  • 6/4 Spider Box Cable


  • Spider Box
  • Mini Power Distribution Panel
  • Power Distribution Panel

Storm Prep

  • Generation Docking Station


In a disaster, having access to cables for managing equipment, powering tools and handling other critical requirements can be vital to recovery operations, emergency medical needs and rescue missions. As workers go into hazardous, potentially flooded areas that are full of downed trees or other dangers, they need reliable equipment to safely reach isolated areas.

Common supplies responders request include:

4/0 Power Cable

Industries can get the power sources they need to manage critical operations with reliable power cable boxes.

2/5 Banded Cable

Banded cable can help equip workers for power supply applications, ensuring they have the equipment to take power directly to their equipment.

6/4 Construction Box Cable

As workers manage construction, repair and recovery efforts, construction box cables can provide reliable power in harsh conditions.


Panels offer a trusted power supply for hard-to-access areas, disaster recovery zones and isolated sites. With intuitive controls and optimized capabilities for controlled power management, these supplies provide the critical solutions workers and victims need in these situations.

Among the most needed supplies are:

Construction boxes

With reliable construction boxes to address key requirements, users can take panels anywhere they need to work.

Mini power distribution panels

Mini power distribution panels enable easier portability to hard-to-access disaster sites.

Power distribution panels

These panels can provide optimized power to keep equipment running for critical recovery tasks.

Storm Prep

Preparation is key to a smooth recovery after a crisis. If a weather event or other crisis is approaching, having the right supplies can help workers respond immediately when facing a power outage, medical emergency or other concern.

Trystar’s generator docking stations can help keep vital operations and equipment running even after a total power failure. Docking stations provide a means of switching to backup power quickly, safely and legally, without hiring an electrician. Users can make the switch instantaneously, saving time, costs and lives.

Our Products

Better engineered and better built — that’s why our products last significantly longer than the competition, even under the most demanding conditions. If you don’t see what you need, we’ll make it.

At Trystar, we prioritize meeting our clients’ needs with trusted resources every time. Whenever you need power for a disaster response team, we’re here to help. Our dedicated team will work with you to identify the right solutions for your situation and ensure you’re able to keep yourself and your community safe in a crisis.

For more information on our emergency power sources and services, reach out to us today.

Disaster Response Restoration Products

Spider Boxes

The Trystar Spider Box is legendary for its rugged simplicity and durability. The Trystar Construction Box has proven itself on countless construction sites, where it is valued for its lightweight, bulletproof design and OSHA approval. Tough enough for the rental and industrial markets, our Spider Box is one less thing to worry…

Power Distribution Panels

The Trystar Power Distribution Panel is built like a tank, from its stainless steel or aluminum enclosure to its heavy duty roll cage. All the components are top of the line. Over the years it has been tested by hard rental and industrial usage, and it has passed with flying…

Power Cable

Trystar Generator Cable is designed to carry the maximum amount of power across the greatest distances on site. It is built to true AWG standards and complies with multiple listing agency requirements. We apply an inner insulation layer in a contrasting color designed to alert you to cuts, nicks and excessive wear on the…

Quad Box Stringer

This handy stringer was designed by our engineers to work hard and never come apart. It consists of three rubber outlet boxes which run on three independent circuits. The receptacles within each box are available in GFCI or Edison-style duplex, or a combination of the two. The bonding assembly eliminates heat and resistance buildup, and for your…

Roof Top Mounted Load Banks

Trystar is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks. The LD-RT Series of Radiator Duct Mounted Load Banks offers simple, easy to mount, economical solution for providing diesel generators with a supplemental load to minimize the effects of wet-stacking during operation under lightly loaded conditions.  Trystar is setting the standard…

RIE Modular Buildings

Trystar produces commercial modular buildings for organizations in industries like power generation, government, military and telecommunications. Our pre-engineered modular buildings are one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of structures your business can use to house critical electrical equipment. Trystar is a turnkey service provider, meaning we can assist…

Model ES (4500VA – 15500VA)

From its aesthetically pleasing innovative design to its ease of installation and user-friendly operation, the Model ES UPS is the right choice to provide conditioned, continuous backup power to today’s mission critical applications. This true online, double conversion UPS incorporates a field-proven design, which has a solid track record of…

Model ESV (1.5 kVA – 14 kVA)

From its “front access” design and self-contained battery runtime options (up to 4 hours, model dependent) to its ease of installation and user-friendly operation, the Model ESV UPS is the right choice to provide conditioned, continuous backup power to today’s mission critical applications. Its centralized UPS installation eliminates the need for multiple…

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