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At Trystar, we have taken on a new challenge to help protect the planet and our finite natural resources to ensure the generations that follow us can flourish. We have also set targets to enhance employee safety, development, and engagement and to provide more transparency into the company’s progress toward creating and achieving its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Renewable Energy Sources Help Power Factory

In 2022, we launched an initiative to help power our factory complex in Faribault, Minnesota, with renewable energy sources. A combination of solar, wind and the latest battery storage technologies form our campus microgrid, which is used to provide prime power. Our goal is to expand this system in the ensuing years to reduce our overall reliance on utility power and to facilitate carbon-neutral operations.

Innovative, Sustainable Power Generation Solutions

Our GridPak family of products represents Trystar’s first foray into self-sustaining commercial power generation equipment. The GridPak is an alternative to a portable commercial diesel- or gas-powered generator. We designed it to help our customers meet their carbon emission reduction targets. A formidable solar array and banks of Lithium-Ion batteries combine to produce up to 30kW of power with 60kWh, 120kWh, and an optional 180kWh of available power. The GridPak solar array collects 320kWh of energy (eight-hour day) weekly. Operators can parallel up to four GridPaks to provide as much as 720kWh of carbon-free power.

Other Sustainable Initiatives

As we formalize our ESG goals, timelines, and reporting structure, Trystar continues to accelerate steps that make intuitive sense now. These include waste reduction, water stewardship, GHG emissions reduction, and responsible upstream sourcing. Trystar feels it is especially contingent on itself to pursue sustainable practices because it creates products to help its customers, and their customers, in turn, manage and use power.

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