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Portable Automatic Transfer Switches

Every year, up to 3% of permanent ATS units fail testing and need to be replaced, which often takes 12-16 weeks. The Trystar Portable ATS is on the job until the new, permanent ATS is installed. The same goes for shut down and turn around operations where backup power can be a crucial factor. Our compact, wheeled unit was designed from the start to be portable, and tough enough to withstand the wear and tear of rental and industrial usage.

The Trystar Portable ATS can also be used to support temporary and emergency power needs for pandemic response, mass casualty disasters and other urgent needs, including medical testing/screening centers and temporary hospitals.

Product Specifications

Product Description

Trystar Portable ATS– Dual Voltage ATS
Amperage range: 200A-1200A
Rated 200V-480V, Listed to UL Standard 1008, Nema 3R

Input Connections

Source 1: Male 16 Series Panel Mounts (BK, BK, BK, WT, GN)
Source 2: Male 16 Series Panel Mounts (BK, BK, BK, WT, GN)

Output Connections

Female 16 Series Panel Mounts (BK, BK, BK, WT, GN)

Standard Features

  • Aluminum Non-Corrosive ATS Enclosure
  • Open Transition Transfer Switch with LCD Touchscreen Controller
  • Touchscreen Dual Voltage Selector
  • Initial Start Up Automatic Configuration
  • Numerous Powdercoat Colors Available
  • UV Print: Customer Logo
  • Padlockable Cover Over Input Panel Mounts
  • Mounted in Texture Black Tilt & Roll Cage
  • Auto Start Connections on Source 2
  • Clear Protective Flip Lids on All Panel Mounts to Prevent Accidental Contact
  • Full Internal Bus Bar
  • No Cabling

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