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Medium Voltage Load Banks

The MV Series Load Bank offers the most robust, medium-voltage, high-capacity, outdoor design in the industry. This turn-key package is ideal for medium voltage diesel engine generators or gas turbines where 5 kV or 15 kV load testing is required. A typical package will include a medium-voltage step-down power transformer and a standard low-voltage load bank mounted and wired onto a common substation style structural skid. Optional features include a load interrupter switch on the transformer primary and a secondary circuit breaker between the transformer secondary and load bank.

The MV Series enclosures are constructed of galvanized steel with the highest quality durable powder-coat paint finish, and external stainless steel fasteners. All power, motor, and control connections are provided in a sealed thermostatically controlled heated compartment to limit any harmful effects of moisture and condensation. The enclosure is stationary-type, outdoor construction, to be installed and operated on a floor, roof-top, or concrete pad.  Forklift channels are provided within the base for ease of lifting and handling during installation.

Operator Controls

  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop)
  • Illuminated Main Power On/Off switch
  • Illuminated Blower Start/Stop Switch
  • Master Load On/Off switch
  • Individual Load Step Switches
  • Fault condition smart indicators provide operator display and load disconnect during Air-Flow Failure, Over-temperature, Motor Overload, and Load Dump

Operator Protection

When Safety Matters

The MV Series Load Bank comes equipped with an Emergency-Stop push button allowing the operator to take the unit off-line should a critical hard-stop condition occur. Blower On, Motor Overload, Air-Flow Failure, and Over-temperature circuits disable all load steps during a fault condition with operator visual indicators, while the Load Dump circuit provides the operator visual indication if all load steps have been removed.

Load Bank Control Power

External 120 Volt AC, 1-phase, 60 Hertz power is required for control circuit operation. When 120 VAC control power is not readily available, units can be provided with an optional internal control power transformer.

Automatic Load Dump

This circuit provides user interface provisions to the generator controls, automatic transfer switch, or building management system, to disconnect and disable all load steps from a normally closed (NC) set of auxiliary contacts. In the event of an actual power failure, all load bank load is removed from the source under test.

Digital Power Meter (Optional)

A fully equipped, 3-phase Digital Power Metering System that measures a standard range of 16 load parameters. Includes RS485 (Modbus protocol) for remote reading – compatible with PC, PLC, and data loggers.

Dry-Type Power Transformers

The medium-voltage, dry-type transformer is the highest quality available and is ideally suited for a load bank application. The dry-type construction eliminates the concern with contamination and fluid leakage containment found in conventional oil or liquid-filled power transformers. Weight savings is also significant when compared to liquid-filled power transformers. Lowered installed costs and minimal maintenance make this package the ideal choice for testing any medium voltage generator or turbine. The transformer has a cylindrical coil with special high-grade silicon steel core with standard 220°C Nomex insulation. The complete core and coil is vacuum pressure impregnated with polyester varnish and oven-cured for maximum reliability. Separate air terminal compartments for the primary and secondary connections are also included.


When Quality Matters

PowerDyne™ Load Resistors are the most rugged in the industry. The non-corrosive resistance alloy can fully handle the effects of an outdoor installation. They are completely supported across their entire length within the air stream by stainless steel support rods which are insulated with heavy-duty, high-temperature ceramic insulators. Change in resistance is minimized by maintaining conservative resistor designs.

Typical Ratings

Primary Voltages: 13800, 12470, 12000, 8400, 8000, 7200, 4160, 2400 VAC, 60 Hz (custom voltages or 50 Hz voltages also available ─ consult factory)

Power Ratings: 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750, 2000, 2250, 2500 kW (custom power ratings also available ─ consult factory)

Load Bank Cooling System

  • Integrally mounted blower motor(s) with high-performance, direct-driven fan blade delivers the required airflow volume (CFM) for cooling resistor load elements
  • Blower motors can be wired to operate internally off the main input load bus from the power transformer or independently from an external 3-phase power source
  • Motor circuits are short-circuit protected by current-limiting fuses and thermally protected by overload relays

Product Specifications

Main Features

  • The MV Series Load Bank offers testing solutions for medium voltage systems to 34.5 kV
  • Multiple load banks can be operated in parallel from a single control station allowing for very large kW systems
  • The system can be structural skid mounted with fork-lift pockets allowing for portability ideal for shipyards, power plants, OEMs and data centers. Alternatively, the system can be trailer mounted on a highway rated semi-trailer.

High Capacity

up to 3000kW

System Voltages

up to 15000 VAC

Enclosure Type

Stationary or Trailer Mounted

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