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Lifecycle System Solutions for the Data Center

Maximizing uptime and operational efficiency remain paramount for data centers. Now, sustainably achieving both is becoming just as important — and Trystar has the engineering expertise and products to help you respond to a rapidly evolving business environment. Our integrated enterprise solutions include commercial docking stations with integrated ATS, portable and rack-based load banks, emergency lighting inverters, medium-voltage cable, and modular transportable E-Houses we customize to each client’s specific needs.

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Server Rack Load Bank

The Server Rack Heater Series load banks are specifically designed for testing HVAC cooling systems and hot-aisle/cold-isle designs during data center commissioning. With a 20 KW load capacity and adjustable load steps, the SL20 can simulate the heat generated by different types of low and high power density servers, providing accurate testing and optimization of cooling systems.

Lighting Inverter

Installed in the electrical room of a data center, Trystar’s UL 924 Listed emergency lighting inverters are an essential component of the electrical system, providing backup power to critical operations and safe egress lighting during power outages or other emergency situations. These inverters meet or exceed all three sections of the NFPA 101 “Life Safety Code”, including

System Solution

Trystar’s system solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of data center customers. With the flexibility to customize and design anything, our turnkey packages include everything needed to meet your unique challenges and ensure success.

Docking Station/ATS

Trystar’s dual-purpose and triple breaker docking stations allow you to connect a load bank and a portable generator simultaneously, providing a fast, safe and fully compliant power connection source. This enables your facility to respond promptly to an outage or a planned maintenance check and restore normal operations safely as well as comply to NEC 700.3(f).

Trystar Power Cable

Trystar power cables are essential in data centers as they provide a flexible solution for connecting any power source to an end point, including a Trystar load bank or a docking station. Additionally, the use of industry-standard camlocks makes them easy to connect and ensures reliable and efficient power delivery.

Trailer Load Banks

Load banks are commonly used in data centers for commissioning, maintenance testing, expansion, and component replacements. Trystar specializes in load banks specifically for data center applications and can help determine the best option for your company’s needs.

Trystar Docking Stations and Companion Load Banks Ensure Performance

Whether caused by mechanical failure, weather, or human error, unplanned data center outages are increasing. The cost of data center downtime varies, but industry estimates run as high as $9,000 per minute. It’s far less expensive to test and verify the operational capacity and performance of a data center’s electrical system, including temporary generators, and Trystar can help.

Trystar’s dual-purpose docking station is designed to safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to a building while allowing the inclusion of a portable load bank to the circuit. The Trystar triple-breaker docking station includes a third dedicated breaker for the temporary load bank, portable generator, and permanent generator or power source. This engineered and harmonized solution from Trystar can help you simulate electrical loads for testing, validating, and maintaining your power system.

Trystar Load Bank Testing at the Server Level Informs and Validates Design

Trystar also manufactures rack-based load banks: the most effective and accurate approach to power and thermal load testing during commissioning. They can be dialed into the expected (and future) load of a particular rack and rack location to help uncover hot aisle spots due to airflow variations or deficits in in-row cooling hardware. Further, we provide networking software and hardware to tie them all together for centralized diagnostics and control.

Conversely, Trystar also provides rack-mountable server heaters that can simulate the heat generated by servers even before they are installed. Designers can test the HVAC cooling systems and the hot- and cold-aisle design in advance. With adjustable load steps to 20 kW and variable airflow speed control, Trystar rack heaters can accurately mimic the different low and high-power density servers available today.

Enhance Data Center Safety with Trystar UL924 Emergency Lighting Inverters

Today’s data centers need to be safer and more secure for employees. An emergency lighting inverter system is paramount for generating and maintaining light and power during electric outages. In an emergency (depending on your backup infrastructure’s design), Trystar’s electrical power solutions deliver isolated, regulated, transient, and noise-free sine wave power. Knowing that emergency egress lighting specifications for new construction and retrofit projects include LED fixtures, Trystar designed its inverters with a high peak overload capability to accommodate the inrush current from LED fixtures. And we offer models that meet (and can exceed) the automatic testing defined in NFPA 101 —

Secure Critical Instrumentation and Controls in Trystar E-Houses

Trystar can respond to the growing interest in highly-secured hosting that can survive almost any eventuality, including severe weather and blasts. Our prefabricated, modular steel E-Houses are custom-built to your specifications to protect instrument and electrical control panels. And they can be configured to serve as transportable control centers and substations. Rely on Trystar E-Houses to protect standby power solutions, switchgear, automation equipment, and other sensitive components. Configurable in any size and multiple stories, they are available in blast- and non-blast-proof configurations.

Trystar E-Houses are also particularly suited to the market’s interest in subterranean data centers and their associated stringent quality control procedures. They can be customized to very tight specifications and designed with climate-control systems that mitigate humidity.

Link It All Together with Trystar Premium Cable and Connections

Premium cable, connections, and assemblies are a Trystar hallmark and the foundation of its successful expansion into the electrical testing, control, quality, and renewable power generation markets. All our utility and medium-voltage cable is extremely durable and manufactured to the American Wire Gauge standard in our own factory. Assemblies are hand-produced by certified master electricians. The sturdy construction and design features allow our cable and assemblies to withstand harsh operating conditions, as well as the highly-refined climes of the data center environment. Depend on Trystar to tie all your sensitive equipment together for secure and reliable power.

Reliable Products, Responsive Service, and Engineering Expertise

Providing reliable products, responsive service, and collaborative engineering is everything in mission-critical environments. Our products reflect technologies we’ve pioneered and that have set the standard for quality and reliability nationwide. You can also rely on exceptional customer service. Our entrepreneurial culture and small-company values help us tailor that service to your specific operational needs. Finally, we bring a deep reservoir of technical knowledge and engineering experience to data center challenges and operations. Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind throughout the lifecycle of your operation, including future growth and expansion.

Data Center Products

Since 1991, Trystar has offered optimized equipment solutions to provide the power our clients need for wide-ranging applications. When you work with us, you can be confident that our backup power will protect your data center’s crucial information consistently and securely. Discover how Trystar’s solutions can better fit your unique applications across the industry.

Triple Breaker Docking Station

If you need load bank connections to generator solutions, having trusted resources to meet your requirements is critical. At Trystar, we offer optimized equipment to fit your unique applications seamlessly and securely. Our generator load bank docking station can manage power supply needs safely, so you can get a rapid…

Server Rack Heaters

Trystar is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks. The SL Server Rack Heater Series is part of the dedicated line of load banks designed for data center commissioning. During data center design and construction, it is critical to test the HVAC cooling systems and the hot-aisle / cold-isle design.

Trailer Load Banks

The LT Series of Load Banks offer a durable approach to those requiring a mobile testing solution. The LT Load Bank can be supplied as a complete “Trailer-Ready” assembly suitable for mounting to a customer supplied 7000 to 15000 Pound GVW Highway rated trailer. Alternatively, Trystar can integrate with a…

EON Model EL3 (10kW – 55kW) Three Phase

With expanded output ratings up through 55kW, the three phase EON Model EL3 centralized emergency lighting inverter offers the best reliability and performance for your egress lighting system! Meeting stringent design and performance specifications, the self-diagnostic, self-testing EON is UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment” and “Auxiliary Lighting and…

TrueLITE Model ELS (58.5kW – 112.5kW) Three Phase

The TrueLITE Model ELS is an LED-compatible three phase emergency lighting inverter featuring an intelligent, robust design that provides enhanced levels of quality, reliability, and energy savings! This unique inverter offers four (4) field-selectable modes of operation based on input power conditions, lighting design, and the desire for high operating…

Power Cable

Trystar Generator Cable is designed to carry the maximum amount of power across the greatest distances on site. It is built to true AWG standards and complies with multiple listing agency requirements. We apply an inner insulation layer in a contrasting color designed to alert you to cuts, nicks and excessive wear on the…


Solar-Powered, Portable Power for Sustainable Energy Storage Versatile, Reliable Power with Zero CO2 Emissions Electrification is here to stay. And that means power produced by renewable means, like solar, will continue to be preferred and used where possible and practical. Trystar’s new GridPak is a portable power solution that generates…

Portable Load Banks

Trystar is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks.The LP Series of Portable Indoor Load Banks offers the most robust, high-capacity designs in the industry.  Trystar is setting the standard with intelligent operator controls, safety indication layouts, adjustable load step resolution, and lightweight designs. The LP Series of portable products is the…

Advanced Operator Controls

Manual operator controls with switched load steps are the industry standard. But sometimes this does not offer enough control. Trystar has three additional platforms to work with that offer: Networking Capability (ethernet/ RS-485) PC  Software Control Remote Control Fault Diagnostics & Automation Advanced Digital Control Considerations In addition to our standard…

RIE Modular Buildings

Trystar produces commercial modular buildings for organizations in industries like power generation, government, military and telecommunications. Our pre-engineered modular buildings are one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of structures your business can use to house critical electrical equipment. Trystar is a turnkey service provider, meaning we can assist…

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