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Pin & Sleeve Cable

Like all Trystar cables, our Pin and Sleeve cable is manufactured to American Wire Gauge and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards. Its ability to perform well in demanding environments makes it the first choice for applications requiring secure electrical connections and insulation against environmental contaminants.

Trystar pin and sleeve cable is a flexible, highly durable solution rated for indoor and outdoor use. You can depend on this cable type when it’s critical to avoid accidental disconnects under load.

Pin and sleeve connectors provide watertight construction for use in harsh environments, such as high-temperature and high-pressure settings. They also hold up well against impacts and corrosion, giving you a long-lasting electrical solution that will require less maintenance over time.

Trystar industrial cable assemblies are available in cable types SOOW, Type W, G and GGC. They offer amperages of 30A, 60A, 100A, 200A and 400A, including mil-spec and European amperages.

Product Specifications


This cable type features an inner insulation layer that contrasts with the color of the outer insulation. This inner layer signals damages like excessive wear and tear, nicks and cuts on the outer insulation jacket so that you can replace the cable before performance issues arise. The insulation itself can withstand the rigors of rental and industrial usage and exposure to heat and cold, water, oil, acid and gas. 

The cable consists of a metallic shroud and nonmetallic, thermoplastic housing for electrical safety and grounding. Pin and sleeve cable systems create the ground first and break it last. This way, the ground is established before the electrical connection and remains until after the connection breaks. Additionally, color coding of the cable insulation determines its electrical rating for easy, clear usage.


Pin and sleeve power connectors can be used for applications like construction and mining, entertainment, industrial and plant maintenance and oil and gas. They are excellent solutions for temporary power needs due to their compatibility with portable devices and resistance to connection breakage.

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