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“Commerce” is at the heart of commercial buildings. It’s where goods and services are exchanged. It’s where the work gets done. And it’s how goods are stored, processed, and delivered. Trystar can help keep commercial buildings vibrant, comfortable, safe, and operational. We offer a wide range of electrical solutions. And we have the engineering expertise and manufacturing agility to customize them to your specific needs quickly. We invite you to explore the solutions below. If you are still looking for your commercial niche, let us know. Chances are Trystar has solutions for your operation as well.


Reputation is paramount in the hospitality business. Factors affecting it are numerous, but comfort, ambiance, service, and safety are critical. An unplanned power outage can cascade into myriad problems … and that’s when a docking station from Trystar can help. A docking station facilitates the use of rental power to bridge the gap. Keep the cool air blowing, the restaurant cooking, and the ballroom dancing. In between, you can rely on emergency lighting inverters to keep guests and employees safe in hallways, rooms, public spaces, and parking ramps.

Commercial restaurant with quality power and lighting
Commercial retail center shopping mall with powerful electricity


Customers have several options when it comes to buying merchandise. Let Trystar help you keep your customers returning by making your store a pleasant, safe, and inviting destination. We have uninterruptible power solutions to protect your data and keep your servers and cash registers operational if the power goes out. And if the outage duration is still being determined, rely on our docking stations to get your business fully up and running using rental power, which won’t require complex wiring and emergency service appointments with electricians. In between, count on our emergency lighting inverters to illuminate aisles, storage areas, docks, and security centers. Finally, if your merchandise includes sensitive electronics, count on our power conditioning equipment to optimize its performance and protect it from surges and spikes.


The growth of warehouses and distribution centers is proliferating. These giant hubs of activity keep the wheels of both online and brick-and-motor commerce turning. Given high demand and strained supply chains, if your business concerns storing, packing, and distributing goods, it’s critical to keep it operational. Downtime is expensive. It’s even more important to keep employees safe. Rely on Trystar docking stations to keep the lights on, the conveyors moving, and your employees safe if the power goes out. Docking stations make it easy to restore power to your building with minimal delay by leveraging rental power. And rental power is less expensive than permanent power generation assets, which must meet stringent codes and require complicated maintenance. Meanwhile, Trystar emergency lighting inverters can guide employees to safety and facilitate the continued operation of other essential functions while our uninterruptible power supplies protect critical data.

Commercial warehouse distribution center with reliable lighting
Commercial office with reliable power for lights and computers


The office environment and market are changing. With hybrid schedules and remote workers, the need for expensive permanent backup power generators and powerhouses may not make financial sense. Rely on Tryster docking stations to make using commercial-grade rental power an option. Docking stations make restoring power to your building easy with minimal delay. Safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to your building during a power outage without complex wiring and the services of an electrician. While ideal for new construction, Trystar docking stations can facilitate retrofitting existing buildings that have relied on permanent backup generator power. Count on Trystar’s uninterruptible power sources and emergency lighting inverters to protect data and employees until power is restored through rental power or the utility.

Products for Commercial Industries

Stationary Load Banks

The LS Series of Outdoor Stationary Load Banks offer the most robust, high-capacity, outdoor designs in the industry. Trystar is setting the standard with intelligent operator controls, safety indication layouts, adjustable load step resolution, and ease of installation. The LS Series of Stationary products is the perfect solution for regularly scheduled…

RIE Modular Buildings

Trystar produces commercial modular buildings for organizations in industries like power generation, government, military and telecommunications. Our pre-engineered modular buildings are one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of structures your business can use to house critical electrical equipment. Trystar is a turnkey service provider, meaning we can assist…

UltraLITE Model ELU (1.5kW to 14kW)

Meeting the NFPA 101 and NFPA 111 standards, the UltraLITE Model ELU is considered “Life Safety Equipment.” It is also UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment,” providing the required 90 minutes of emergency backup power, and is 100% compatible with all lighting applications and life safety systems. The voltage…

EON Model EL3 (10kW – 55kW) Three Phase

With expanded output ratings up through 55kW, the three phase EON Model EL3 centralized emergency lighting inverter offers the best reliability and performance for your egress lighting system! Meeting stringent design and performance specifications, the self-diagnostic, self-testing EON is UL 924 listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment” and “Auxiliary Lighting and…

TrueLITE Model ELS (58.5kW – 112.5kW) Three Phase

The TrueLITE Model ELS is an LED-compatible three phase emergency lighting inverter featuring an intelligent, robust design that provides enhanced levels of quality, reliability, and energy savings! This unique inverter offers four (4) field-selectable modes of operation based on input power conditions, lighting design, and the desire for high operating…

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