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Trystar has power distribution boards for construction sites and more that provide reliable power distribution for electric-powered tools. Get the power you need, anywhere you are.

Construction projects occur in many locations, including residential neighborhoods, rural roads, commercial facilities and bridges. While some construction equipment runs on gasoline and diesel, other machinery is powered by electricity.

Electric construction tools — like air compressors, chain saws and electric welders — each have unique power requirements since some will have higher power ratings than others. A temporary power supply for a construction site should be durable to withstand the site conditions, portable to be used anywhere in the area and be able to provide the right amount of power for each tool.

Trystar has power distribution boards for construction sites and more that provide reliable power distribution for electric-powered tools. Get the power you need, anywhere you are.

Our Construction Site Power Supply Products

Trystar has premium power supply products for the construction industry. They last longer in the field and can be customized with your company’s colors and logos, so the equipment will look like your own. We have:


Temporary construction sites need a reliable and safe power distribution method for portable tools and lighting. Panels are the best construction site power supply option when you need to power multiple components simultaneously, as they allow you to control the power flow to each component and location at the job site. If you need to shut off power for one circuit, you can do so without affecting the power for the other circuits.

Trystar® Power Distribution Panel with I-LINE®* components

Some sites may need temporary power for construction beyond the capabilities of a power distribution board. Trystar® Power Distribution Panel with I-LINE®* components is portable and can support higher power flows for large equipment or several pieces of equipment in the circuit.

The Trystar® Power Distribution Pane lprovides massive amounts of power ranging from 400 to 3,000 amps. These units have a hard bus for durability and come with fork pockets and lifting hooks for portability around the job site.

*I-LINE® is a registered trademark of Schneider Electric USA, Inc.


Some construction sites may have a power supply line that differs from the machine’s voltage requirements. In this situation, a transformer makes the supply and the machine compatible for an easy power solution.

Our transformers are available in two styles — dolly style and cage style. With the dolly style, the transformer is on a dolly cart for easy transportability. The cage-style transformer sits in a cage with four wheels.

Portable ATS

In some situations, workers on a construction job may need to quickly and safely connect to a portable generator to maintain power availability. However, extension cords may be incompatible with this equipment and can cause unsafe back feed. A portable automatic transfer switch (ATS) is the easiest and safest way to transfer power from the main power source to a generator.

The temporary ATS serves when backup power is vital for operations to continue. It is rated for 200 to 480 volts and is housed in an aluminum noncorrosive enclosure.


Using temporary power for construction applications requires establishing a connection between the power source and equipment. Make the necessary connections for power with the portable industrial power cable. These single-conductor cables provide a reliable connection between the power source and the load while reducing the number of cables needed at the job site.

Products for Construction

Trystar has served the construction industry since 1992 with construction site power supply solutions that exceed industry standards and outlast the competition.

Tuff Boxes

The Trystar Spider Box is legendary for its rugged simplicity and durability. The Trystar Construction Box has proven itself on countless construction sites, where it is valued for its lightweight, bulletproof design and OSHA approval. Tough enough for the rental and industrial markets, our Spider Box is one less thing to worry…

100A – 400A Power Distribution Panels

The Trystar Power Distribution Panel is built like a tank, from its stainless steel or aluminum enclosure to its heavy duty roll cage. All the components are top of the line. Over the years it has been tested by hard rental and industrial usage, and it has passed with flying…

Power Cable

Trystar Generator Cable is designed to carry the maximum amount of power across the greatest distances on site. It is built to true AWG standards and complies with multiple listing agency requirements. We apply an inner insulation layer in a contrasting color designed to alert you to cuts, nicks and excessive wear on the…

Tuff Box Cable

These multi-conductor, plug and play cables are very user-friendly and can reduce the number of cables needed on a job site. Trystar Spider Box cables are expertly assembled and factory tested to ensure they work out of the box. Tough enough for the most demanding conditions, they have proven themselves in both industrial and rental applications.

Industrial Style Transformers

Our Industrial Transformer is the pinnacle of rugged portability. The entire system is built into its own heavy-duty dolly or cage. It also comes with fork pockets and a hefty lift ring. It is constructed of heavy gauge metals and designed to survive rental and industrial usage. It can be…


Solar-Powered, Portable Power for Sustainable Energy Storage Versatile, Reliable Power with Zero CO2 Emissions Electrification is here to stay. And that means power produced by renewable means, like solar, will continue to be preferred and used where possible and practical. Trystar’s new GridPak is a portable power solution that generates…

Radiator Duct Mounted Load Banks

Trystar is a leading manufacturer of high-capacity Load Banks. The LD Series of Radiator Duct Mounted Load Banks offers simple, easy to mount, economical solution for providing diesel generators with a supplemental load to minimize the effects of wet-stacking during operation under lightly loaded conditions. Trystar is setting the standard with intelligent…

RIE Modular Buildings

Trystar produces commercial modular buildings for organizations in industries like power generation, government, military and telecommunications. Our pre-engineered modular buildings are one of the most reliable and cost-effective types of structures your business can use to house critical electrical equipment. Trystar is a turnkey service provider, meaning we can assist…

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