Trystar Supports Troops On The Front Lines Of COVID-19 Fight

When the National Guard is deployed to assist state and federal agencies, it usually brings its own “village” to give the troops a place to eat, sleep, shower and relax when they’re not working. Those villages are composed of very sophisticated portable shelters that include heating and cooling, running water and electric power for lighting, battery charging, internet connections and myriad other purposes.
Currently deployed Guard units in California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Virginia, New York and South Carolina depend on portable power distribution panels supplied by Trystar of Faribault, MN.
“We have supplied about 20 packages to our customer so far during the crisis,” explained Anthony Sandoval, Trystar Sales Manager – West Coast, “and we are expecting orders for up to 100 more in the next few days. Each panel will handle 10 shelters which gives you some idea of the scope of the Guard’s projected COVID-19 response.”
Meeting the sudden demand presented a challenge for Trystar because the Mil-Spec plugs and receptacles required on the panels and extension cables are not standard inventory items and suppliers quoted a 6-week delivery lead time.
“That was clearly unacceptable in a situation like this,” Sandoval said, “so we had to improvise, adapt and overcome the obstacle. As it turned out, our customer had the necessary parts in stock so they ship them to us, we install them and ship the finished panels and cables back to them which cuts delivery time by five full weeks. It’s not a standard procedure, but it works and the troops get their shelters when they need them.”
Trystar has been the sole supplier of electrical distribution panels to this customer for more than five years and the kind of cooperation that overcame the Mil-Spec plug and receptacle challenge has been typical of the relationship.
“A few years ago they got an order that required plugs and receptacles to meet EU requirements,” Sandoval added. “The specs looked liked ‘Greek’ to their engineers so they called us for help. Our master electrician helped them make sense of the spec and we got a quote to them the same day. That’s typical of our relationship and they rely on Trystar to figure out what their customers really want.”
Trystar distribution panels, Automatic Transfer Switches, Docking Stations, cables and other equipment are widely used in the rental industry to support construction sites, entertainment venues, charity events and other events. The company is currently developing specifications for a standardized package of components to support the specific needs of temporary and re-purposed facilities required to combat the COVID 19 pandemic crisis.

Trystar Update on COVID-19

Dear Trystar Customers,

Many throughout the world and our nation are facing significant personal and business challenges. Trystar has always been a company you could rely on no matter the crisis and we’re here for you and your customers during this one as well. Trystar conducted a thorough assessment and implemented mitigation plans in response to COVID-19. We are open for business and are here fulfilling our role to help you maintain infrastructure availability for first responders, disaster relief, utilities and other areas requiring portable power, critical facilities, and/or electrical grid support.

Our top priority is for the safety of our employees and supporting the broader needs of the nation to limit spread of the virus. We acted early and have implemented a number of measures to proactively help prevent workplace exposure and address the situation effectively if one of our team members is exposed or diagnosed.

Our other top priority is to maintain business continuity throughout the pandemic to support our customers. Trystar products are critical to many parts of the infrastructure that is currently being taxed as the nation focuses on responding to the virus. We’re ready to supply:

– Docking stations for critical facilities including hospitals, urgent care facilities, nursing homes and military just to name a few.
– Portable power distribution for temporary installations including temporary health care, remote health screening, temporary housing and any natural disasters that occur while COVID-19 is a threat.
– Utility support equipment including grounding cable, portable power cable, portable power distribution and temporary transformers

Our administrative staff is keeping our service levels high while working remotely to reduce risk of exposure. Our normal access mechanisms (phone, email etc.) are still fully staffed. You can also reach us 24/7 on our emergency after hours line at 507-384-1750.

We are taking COVID-19 very seriously and are here to meet your needs as they arise.


AJ Smith

Trystar Responds to Hurricane Florence

When hurricane Florence struck the Carolinas on September 14th, 2018, Trystar was already hard at work. In fact, we began sending portable power equipment on September 10th—four days before Florence ever made landfall. And our shipments continued throughout that week, and into the following week. When Florence hit, the Trystar team was prepared to work harder, longer, and faster so that critically needed equipment was on the road and on site.

Trystar mobilizes overnight to deliver an unprecedented amount of equipment to the hurricane relief effort

Trystar built their production process to be able to respond to natural disasters at a moment’s notice. With office staff and even their family members pitching in on the assembly lines, everyone at Trystar is proudly doing whatever it takes to provide desperately needed equipment immediately to help people during this unprecedented natural disaster. Watch these stories from CBS, NBC and Fox affiliates about Trystar’s extraordinary efforts.

Trystar assists in repair of critical fuel supply facility for the Pacific Fleet

Aerial view of Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Built in the early 1940’s in anticipation of WWII, the Red Hill fuel storage facility buried deep in the mountains above Pearl Harbor is an engineering feat on the scale of Hoover Dam and the Golden Gate Bridge. A series of underground tanks, each as tall as a 20-story building, the facility holds two hundred and fifty million gallons of fuel: Enough to supply the United State’s military’s entire Pacific Fleet. Sixty-five years later it is still strategically vital to our nation’s defense, yet recently leaks were discovered in the tanks, which could eventually compromise the Oahu aquifer that supplies Honolulu’s drinking water. Chicago Bridge & Iron was awarded the contract for the massive and complex repair project and Trystar provided temporary power equipment that would need to be specially engineered and manufactured for the unique underground conditions. Working nights and weekends over the Christmas Holidays, Trystar was able to deliver against tight deadlines so that the Red Hill Project could begin work immediately.

Baton Rouge floods require Immediate action

The severe flooding in Baton Rouge and the surrounding area led to massive power outages and devastating destruction of homes, schools, churches and businesses. The faster could power could be restored, the sooner lives could be restored. Working with our partners Sunbelt, Louisiana Cat, Aggreko and ServPro we were able to help provide power for the recovery efforts immediately. Trystar’s manufacturing flexibility and capacity allowed us to react instantly, shipping out the first equipment overnight. As soon as the equipment left our facility we tracked each truck, to provide immediate delivery status. Trystar also provided boots on the ground, flying master electricians and technicians to assist on site.