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Products Designed and Manufactured to Exceed Industry Standards.

Engineering Done Better

Our power distribution equipment, cable and generator docking stations are manufactured at a state-of-the-art facility in Faribault, Minnesota. All products are built to last using the highest quality materials, top-of-the-line production equipment and industry-leading engineering practices.

Our products last considerably longer and perform noticeably better, even in the most extreme environments, and are tested by 3rd-party laboratories.

Custom Engineered Solutions Delivered at Speed

The depth and breadth of Trystar’s catalog of solutions are unmatched. But some challenges are unique. Trystar brings a deep reservoir of technical knowledge and engineering experience to these challenges. More important, a hallmark of Trystar is customer-based consultive engineering and collaboration. We thrive on solving complexities and crafting solutions together. We design and fabricate vital parts, systems, and assemblies in-house. This, in combination with the strength and focus of our committed employees, means we can provide custom solutions with industry leading speed.

Relationship-Based Customer Service You Can Rely On

Customers value and know they can rely on our electrical solutions. They tell us, however, what they’re buying transcends solutions. They’re buying our organization, or more specifically, our people. You can depend on us for simple things like order status, application counsel, and correct product information. And you rely on us for the most important “asks,” like working diligently (or relentlessly) to speed much-needed products to a disaster area. Our goal is to deepen customer relationships to enrich our respective businesses. This approach influences and deepens our understanding of your business and, thereby, our product designs and operations. And though we’re growing and expanding, we still maintain the customer focus of a small-company feel.

Impeccable Product Quality

At Trystar, we design and manufacture our products to exceed industry standards. Our products are better engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility using the highest quality materials, top-of-the-line production equipment, and industry-leading engineering practices. Third-party laboratories also test their performance. And that’s why our products last significantly longer than the competition’s, even under the most demanding conditions.

The breadth of our solutions (and Trystar’s expertise) encompasses numerous market segments. Some include data centers, manufacturing, healthcare, construction, oil and gas, mining, industrial, military, entertainment, disaster response and restoration, utility, and rental. The depth of our solutions for each segment is significant. More importantly, working across so many segments has given us substantial expertise in how our solutions best fit specific scenarios. While the perfect solution may exist on the shelf, we also recognize that no two customers are alike — and neither are their power management challenges. If you don’t see what you need, we’ll make it.

Customer Insights Lead to Innovations You Can Leverage

Trystar considers itself a partner with its customers. These deep relationships inspire trust but also creativity, innovation, and investment. When cables were not being returned to their respective rental houses (they can all look alike), we printed the rental houses’ names on them at no charge. We developed our patented solenoid interlock when customers expressed interest in advanced docking station safety features. When customers strained their arms connecting heavy cables to our docking stations above shoulder height, we redesigned our camlock connector plate, so it angled slightly downward to make the job easier. And now, we’ve invested in a family of portable, renewable energy solutions to help customers meet their carbon emissions targets. This investment reflects our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) mission.

Reliably Responsive

Trystar has a proven reputation for ensuring its customers have safe, reliable power — on time, every time. Our products help keep entire businesses operating … or sometimes, just the lights and equipment. An increasing frequency of natural events and an aging grid have honed our ability to react rapidly to emergencies. And part of building a solid, trusting customer relationship is being responsive and nimble. We’ll respond to your everyday needs quickly and courteously. And you can count on us to respond to disasters with corresponding vigor and resources. We understand deadlines, and our company and culture are built around responding to them. We build extra capacity and flexibility into every aspect of our production process to meet tight turnarounds no matter the circumstance.


At Trystar, we have taken on a new challenge to help protect the planet and our finite natural resources to ensure the generations that follow us can flourish. We have also set targets to enhance employee safety, development, and engagement and to provide more transparency into the company’s progress toward creating and achieving its Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals.

Industries We Serve

Trystar serves many industries, including utility, manufacturing, oil and gas, mining, industrial, military, emergency services, healthcare, entertainment, infrastructure, and more.

We Are Here
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Our team is here to support you and solve your power challenges. Connect with our responsive experts today to learn about our customized power solutions and products.

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