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“Business Continuity At The Speed Of Light”

Sounds pretty impressive, doesn’t it? Well it was! That phrase was the theme of the “7×24 Exchange Greater Florida/Alabama Chapter’s” quarterly meeting held this past Thursday afternoon, March 7 in Jacksonville FL. Nationally, the 7×24 Exchange is the leading association and knowledge exchange in the United States, for those who design, build, use, and maintain mission critical enterprise information infrastructures … most notably data centers. The Greater Florida/Alabama Chapter locally carries out the national organization’s purpose through regional meetings, seminars, and educational forums to facilitate better understanding of design, implementation, and management concerns involving uninterrupted data center operations and support.

Welcome To The “7×24 Exchange Greater Florida/Alabama Chapter Meeting”

Held at the new Miller Electric Jacksonville Jaguars Performance Center (which houses the Jaguars’ NFL football operations, training facility, and indoor/outdoor practice fields), Trystar had the prestigious honor of being asked to both co-sponsor and speak at the event!

As a leading manufacturer and provider of electrical power system solutions for data centers, we welcomed this opportunity to attend this Florida/Alabama Chapter event to meet with and present to data center colleagues.

Gary Mazut (Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Critical Facilities) introduced the Chapter members to Trystar … who we are, what we do, our recent growth as a solutions provider, and he also explained the role our docking stations play. Gary then segued into the other types of Trystar product solutions for data centers.

Roman Dworzecki (Associate Product Owner) explained the common power quality problems and solutions encountered within data centers, as well as emergency lighting codes and standards (UL 924, NFPA 101, and NEC Article 700). As part of his presentation, Roman also explained emergency egress lighting, and Trystar’s emergency lighting inverters which provide the backup power for emergency egress lighting.

In conclusion, Fred Miller (Director of Business Development – Data Centers) discussed the features, benefits, and applications of Trystar’s Sequence Of Events Recorders. SER’s are a crucial part of the power monitoring system within data centers … the so-called “black box recorder” that provides power anomaly event reconstruction, determining what happened and when it occurred. As part of his presentation, Fred also discussed related industry protocols such as Precision Time Protocol (PTP), IRIG B time protocol, and the IEEE 1588 time synchronization standard.

At the end of the Chapter meeting, both attendees and presenters had the “once in a lifetime” opportunity to tour this state-of-the-art training facility … including a visit to the Jacksonville Jaguars’ lockerroom … AND a visit with the one and only “Jaxson de Ville”, the Jaguars’ mascot!

Gary Mazut And Fred Miller Having Some Fun With “Jaxson de Ville”
In The Jaguars’ Lockerroom
Roman Dworzecki Presenting The Need For
Electrical Power Quality In Data Centers

We’re so glad to have met so many members of the 7×24 Exchange Greater Florida/Alabama Chapter … we look forward to additional data center discussions with you! And we thank the Miller Electric Jacksonville Jaguars Performance Center for their hospitality! What a great afternoon!

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