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High Efficiency, Fast-Transfer Emergency Lighting Inverter

by Suzanne Hooley

Now more than ever before, LED fixtures are being used for emergency lighting applications.   And electrical power quality plays a big role in those LED fixtures.   When we took a look at the needs of the emergency lighting inverter market, we found that inverters of sizes 2.2 kW and below were lacking the features and characteristics typically found in larger inverters.   Features such as monitored surge protection for LED lighting / drivers … network communications … weekly inverter self-diagnostics.

We knew that these are the market-driven features that electrical / lighting engineers are seeking!   AND we knew that competing manufacturers of these smaller inverters had not addressed these needs!   So earlier this winter, we launched our  NEW  “FastLITE Model FST” high efficiency, fast-transfer emergency lighting inverter … designed and built specifically to address these needs!

The feedback has been fantastic!
We’ve heard from many of the engineers, electrical distributors, contractors, and end-users that we work with … and they are really excited about this inverter!   That excitement is why we want to share the unique features and benefits of the “Model FST”, which include:

  • 525 W to 2.2 kW single phase sizes
  • Wall- and Floor-mount models
  • Efficiency rating up to 98.8% without compromising the critical features, diagnostics, and monitoring options associated with the Controlled Power Company brand.

Designed for LED fixtures / drivers (as well as all other emergency lighting loads), the “Model FST” provides a 2 millisecond or less transfer time to and from battery.   All models are provided with a “normally on” output and a “normally off / switched” output.

Not “Just Another” Inverter!

As a specifying engineer, electrical distributor or contractor, or a facility manager … why should you choose the “Model FST” over competing fast-transfer inverters?

  • A weekly inverter self-diagnostic without needing to transfer to battery mode.
    This feature is unique to Controlled Power Company … the “Model FST” performs this diagnostic in addition to the periodic and annual testing required by NFPA 101, section … and no other fast-transfer or standby inverter manufacturer offers a weekly self-diagnostic.
  • LED inrush compatible.
    LED fixtures are frequently designated for emergency egress lighting.   With this in mind, we’ve designed the “Model FST” with a peak overload capability of 1500% to accommodate the inrush current from LED fixtures / drivers while the inverter is fed from the AC power source, or even while in battery mode.
  • Surge protection for LED lighting / drivers.
    Because the electronics in LED drivers are susceptible to premature failure when exposed to voltage surges, the “Model FST” is available with a monitored 40kA “Surge Protection Device” (SPD).
  • Advanced lighting inverter communications.
    An “FST Interface Application” enables the “Model FST” to communicate directly with a computer, laptop, or Windows tablet … allowing the battery test and alarm logs to be viewed and electronically saved as an NFPA 101, compliant report.   Customers can download the FREE interface program and interactive PDF user’s manual via a link on the “Model FST” webpage, as well as from the “Software Downloads” webpage under the “Customer Support” navigation tab.

All Floor- and Wall-Mount Models Meet the Following:

  • NFPA 101 and NFPA 111 standards as “Life Safety Equipment”.
  • UL 924 Listed as “Emergency Lighting Equipment”, providing the required 90 minutes of emergency backup power.
  • C-UL Listed to CSA C22.2 No. 141-15 with 30, 60, or 90 minute runtimes.
  • Available with runtimes up to 120 minutes.

For Critical Life Safety Applications

Whether you are an Engineer specifying centralized battery backup for emergency lighting applications … a Distributor or Contractor quoting a project that requires an emergency lighting inverter … or an End User needing a reliable emergency lighting power source … we invite you to read more about the “Model FST”!

We also invite you to speak with one of our Regional Sales and Applications teams!

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