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Image Quality Is By Design … Not By Chance

“Medical-grade power quality” for imaging and treatment modalities (MRI, PET, CT, X-Ray, etc) refers to all electrical issues that affect the performance and reliability of such equipment and their networks which are prevalent in hospitals and imaging/treatment centers.   These issues include electrical disturbances and power anomalies such as voltage sags, spikes and surges, harmonics, high-frequency electrical noise, and EMI/RFI emissions.

Some manufacturers try to meet the power quality needs of medical imaging and treatment equipment by simply wiring to an existing upstream distribution transformer.   Even if care is taken to not exceed the maximum allowable voltage regulation, poor power quality can still exist.   Poor power quality will often translate into “artifacts” (e.g., shadows, double-exposure, grid cutoff) in the digital image, random error codes, costly repeat scans, unscheduled downtime, and expensive repairs.

By contrast, Trystar offers medical-grade power conditioning voltage regulators which offer significant advantages over competing products … providing superior voltage regulation and proven performance that will extend the life of the imaging and treatment modalities.

Available in 60K(i) – 260K(i) three phase sizes, our “SureImage Model Ultra-K/M” power conditioner and “SureImage Model 700F/M” voltage regulator are “K(i) Rated” to accommodate the intermittent kVA or momentary power demand required.   When performing an imaging scan or treatment procedure, most medical modalities have a high inrush current, meaning that the current will rise 3 – 5 times that of the steady state current.   The “SureImage” products are designed to supply this momentary power demand, while continuing to provide tightly-regulated voltage.

What does this mean for the hospital or imaging/treatment center?

  • Significant reduction/elimination of the “artifacts” in the digital images, which yields the highest level of image quality and diagnostic reliability.
  • Enhanced workflow, processing time, and patient satisfaction … few if any repeat scans.
  • Elimination of voltage sags and surges that were previously causing system restarts.
  • Lower costs to maintain imaging/treatment modalities, and prevention of premature failure of the equipment.
  • Higher electrical power efficiency and lower operating costs of the modalities.

Read more about our “SureImage” power conditioner and voltage regulator … and contact us for more details!

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