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Importance of Commercial Backup Power

Last Updated on April 12, 2023

As a commercial business owner or manager, you rely on electricity every day. Whatever your industry, electricity is what makes the magic happen. Electricity powers your lights, your internet, your registers, your machinery — everything you need to stay operational.

Your reliance on a power source to stay in business is something you know in the back of your mind, but it’s one of those things everyone takes for granted when it’s working properly. But if the power goes out, you realize how crucial it is to have a continuous power supply.


Backup power is important for a whole host of reasons. Everyone relies on electricity to perform different functions within their business. But, for the most part, every business needs a source of backup power to experience the following benefits.

Some businesses even have a legal requirement to have a source of backup power. Laws exist that require certain buildings to have backup power to run elevators, emergency lights and other safety systems like fire alarms during power outages.

A specific example of a mandate requiring backup power is National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 110. This standard states that buildings like healthcare facilities must restore power to their life-saving equipment within 10 seconds of a power outage. This puts into perspective how important having backup power can be, and it’s the same for many other businesses and industries that are required by law to have backup power.

Below are five other reasons why backup power is so important across industries.


Power outages can often happen when you least expect them. You could be operating your business like any other day when out of nowhere, your machines grind to a halt. If you lack a backup plan, you could find yourself scrambling for answers to keep your business moving.

Your business could be ready for these moments with the right backup power connections and power sources. When an unexpected blackout occurs, you can switch to your backup power and keep doing what you do best — running a business, helping customers and generating profits.


Productivity is key in any business. Without consistent productivity, it can be difficult to make projections about future sales numbers. A lack of productivity can also hurt you now by causing you to fall short of your sales goals.

A power outage can turn a productive day into one with your employees standing around with their hands in their pockets. Instead of experiencing this, you could keep your employees productive by giving your business what it needs to operate — energy, even when the power grid goes down.


Much of your business’s value is in the assets you use to perform operations. An asset can be something as small as a cash register to something as large as heavy machinery used to produce automobile parts. But when it comes to electronics and electrical equipment, a sudden loss of power can cause serious damage. You could find yourself paying top dollar for a repair or a replacement. In some instances, a loss of power can even lead to spoiled products.

A loss of assets translates to a loss of capital. This is why factories need a backup energy source as well as small businesses. A backup power source will ensure your assets stay protected so you can stay in business.


You’re in business to help your customers and do what you love, but you’re also there to make money and turn a profit. This is especially true if you have a team of employees who rely on your business’s success to make a paycheck.

When you have a backup power source, you can experience the following profit-related benefits:

  • You can stay open when other businesses have to close, bringing in more customers.
  • You can avoid hours of downtime that lead to a loss of income.
  • You can avoid damage to equipment, saving you money in your equipment repair budget.


The last piece of the puzzle is one of the most important — keeping your clients happy. A backup power source ensures you can stay true to your deadlines and keep your doors open for business. Without your clients, you’d be unable to make any money at all. Thus, keeping your customers happy is crucial. A backup power source shows your customers you care about them and that they can rely on you for what they need, even during a widespread power outage.


As you can see, backup power is important for businesses, but every company will use emergency energy sources differently. Here is how different industries use backup power in specific ways.


Construction work can happen anywhere, from the busiest city squares to the quietest rural back roads. One thing is for sure — wherever construction happens, there is a need for electrical equipment.

Many essential construction devices run on electricity, including power tools, air compressors and welding equipment. If the power goes out, workers will be unable to complete tasks involving electrical equipment. Having a backup power source lets construction businesses keep to their target deadlines and stay productive at various stages of the construction process.


Natural and human-made disasters can strike with and without warning. In either case, disaster relief is a crucial response that can save lives and help restore communities. But much of the life-saving equipment used in disaster relief industries rely on electricity, and with many disasters knocking out electricity throughout communities, a backup power source is essential.

When communities are facing cold weather conditions after the destruction of homes, electrically heated shelters are a necessity. Disaster relief workers can also use electricity to power cooking equipment and give people light during dark nights. These and other critical operations need electricity to work during and after natural disasters.


The entertainment industry also relies on backup power to keep their clients happy and give people a good time. Special events require a constant supply of power to keep people entertained.

But different special events also have different unique power requirements to stay functional. Concerts, festivals, company parties and sporting events are a few examples of times when organizations need a steady supply of power. Having a backup source of energy will ensure the fun can go on even if the utility power supply suffers an outage.


The one industry where a backup power supply is most crucial of all is the health care industry. Hospitals and mobile health care solutions need electricity to keep their life-saving equipment functioning. Plus, many health care facilities have medicines and vaccines that rely on cold temperatures to stay ready for use.

A power outage would be detrimental to health care facilities. This is why the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) requires health care facilities to be ready for power outages. Mandates like these ensure doctors and nurses can continue helping people and saving lives. Having a backup power supply also ensures the health care facility complies with these government regulations.


Trystar has been helping commercial businesses prepare for power outages since 1991. We provide companies with the power distribution equipment they need to connect to a backup generator when the grid goes down. Our portable and industrial power equipment also helps companies connect to electricity in areas away from the grid, ensuring you can do what you need to do where you need to do it.

We invite you to contact us today for more information. Or you can request a quote online to learn more about our pricing. We look forward to helping you achieve a reliable backup power supply!

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