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New 12,000 Amp Paralleling Bus Panel

The Trystar Paralleling Bus Panel provides a convenient and reliable way to connect multiple power sources, creating a single output of power. Comprised of a NEMA-3R rated all-aluminum enclosure, our Paralleling Bus Panel now includes our upgraded 12,000 amp common bus to facilitate power distribution from multiple paralleled generators supporting applications such as industrial facility maintenance, electrical service outages, and large-scale events.

Designed to be durable, portable, and put into service quickly, the Paralleling Bus Panel is easily transported by semi-trailer, and its integral forklift pockets and eyebolts enable it to be easily lifted and moved into place. Four-sided, 360-degree accessibility enables quick, easy wiring connections … thereby accelerating electrical service and productivity. The new 12,000 amp single common bus design provides up to (64) 600MCM termination points per phase and neutral, as well as (32) 600MCM termination points per ground. What does this mean for you, in layman’s terms? That it’s perfect for distributing power across large construction or power restoration sites … and it’s perfect for feeding multiple downstream electrical panels and transformers at a large entertainment venue.

Additional features and benefits include:

  • Vented side panels reduce internal temperatures, enabling maximum loads without auxiliary fans.
  • Integrated bottom rake deters cable theft.
  • Lockable latch doors ensure continuous operation and prevent tampering and unauthorized disconnection.
  • NEMA-3R rated enclosure, with a slanted roof to prevent rainwater intrusion.
  • Available in lower voltage and amperage configurations.
  • Durable powder-coat finish, available in custom-colors per customer specifications.

Learn more about our Paralleling Bus Panel … a high-capacity, portable, enclosed common bus.
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