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New, Redesigned Padmount Docking Station

For many years, Trystar has been an industry leader in the manufacture of generator docking stations … but we don’t rest on our laurels! We believe in and operate by a set of “Guiding Principles and Values” … two of which are “Customer Focus” and “Champion Change”. We are relentlessly focused on our customers’ success … and in the markets in which we sell, we seek to continuously evolve and constantly innovate. And innovation requires thinking differently … and engineering differently.

Case in point with our docking stations!

Customers had asked us to explore improved accessibility within our docking stations, while still maintaining a high degree of operator safety. As a result, one of our significant innovations was designing a versatile pad-mounted docking station with French-style cabinet doors … an industry-first!

A commonly overlooked aspect of generator docking stations is cable management. With the average portable cable weighing nearly 1 pound per foot and in 50-foot increments, the typical application can require well over 1,500 pounds of cables. The physical footprint of these cables can become exceedingly difficult to manage on-site, requiring installers and technicians to duck or straddle these cables to access breakers, monitors, and accessories … often while they are energized.

Padmount docking station with French-style cabinet doors.

Trystar’s new padmount design eliminates this issue altogether. This design provides a dedicated section of the docking station for cabling, which can be isolated while in use via the independent dual door design. This enables installers and technicians to safely access breakers and monitors, unencumbered by hundreds of pounds of energized cables.

New to Trystar’s padmount line is the integration of our patented solenoid interlock door. This option (available upon request) prevents access to the temporary cable connections while the unit is energized, preventing access to the connection points while the unit is under load. Access is still allowed in the circuit breaker section for monitoring, adjustments, or service as needed via the secondary door. When the cables are de-energized, the lock is disengaged, and users can now safely remove or install their cables.

Example 3000A dual purpose application and required cabling.
Isolated camlock connections and “cable management” feature;
patented solenoid interlock door allows access to circuit breakers and monitoring.
30-degree angle-mounted camlock connections,
with safety covers.

Unique to Trystar, our angular gland plate (camlock plate) enables easier cable connection to the camlocks. The 30-degree downward angle reduces cable strain and fatigue, and provides easier access points for on-site users, significantly reducing the time to install the twist-lock camlock connections. The angle mounted connections provide the additional benefit of greater cable bend radius within the unit, ensuring adequate space to connect both the temporary inputs and outputs.

Boasting an all-aluminum enclosure, gasketed door, and a NEMA-3R rating, our new standard docking station cabinet design is heavy duty and built to last, providing weather-resistance to dust, rain, sleet, snow, and ice.

When padmount installation is required, both of our “Dual Purpose Docking Station” and “Triple Breaker Docking Station” products are now being manufactured using our new cabinet style. Contact us for more details … our product application specialists are available to answer any questions you may have!

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