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Trystar Acquires Oztek Corp to Strengthen Presence in Renewables Market and Increase Inverter Portfolio Breadth

We’re excited to announce our acquisition of Oztek Corp, a manufacturer of commercial and industrial power conversion and power electronics products. This acquisition is expected to accelerate Trystar’s strategy to broaden our portfolio of electrical power solutions that we can provide our customers, and strengthen our capabilities in renewable energy and battery energy storage systems.

Headquartered in Merrimack, NH, Oztek products include battery inverters and energy storage power conversion systems, bi-directional DC power supplies, printed circuit power supplies for motor drives and inverters, as well as silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) controllers and firing boards.

“The acquisition of Oztek is compelling for several reasons,” explained our Trystar CEO, Andrew J. Smith. “Trystar is at the forefront of electrification, renewables, and power grid resiliency.  Adding the Oztek products to our already extensive portfolio of electrical power products will allow us to create more complete, integrated solutions for our customers, particularly in wind, solar, microgrids, and battery storage applications.  In addition, both Trystar and Oztek excel at working with customers to address their specific needs and pride themselves in rapidly creating complex, engineered solutions to meet stringent requirements.” said Smith.

Since 1997, Oztek has been providing power system OEMs and other companies with solid, scalable, and supportive solutions. Through close work with customers, Oztek’s engineering and manufacturing teams have refined how to develop and produce power conversion products that satisfy demanding needs and help ensure their customers’ success. All of Oztek’s products start out with a well-thought-out design, ensuring that performance, reliability, life, and ease of use expectations can all be exceeded. Oztek is a member of IPC, and leverages IPC standards when not targeting compliance with more demanding requirements.

“Our expertise in the design and manufacturing of power conversion and power electronic products will fit nicely with Trystar’s portfolio of electrical power products and expand its presence in the renewables and battery storage markets,” said John O’Connor, president and CEO of Oztek. “The union of the two companies will strategically enhance product breadth and expand our collective presence in new markets.  We look forward to leveraging Trystar’s capabilities to scale operationally and commercially.”

Again, we welcome Oztek to our Trystar team!

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