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Trystar’s Merrimack NH Location Receives “ISO 9001:2015” Recertification

Our entire Trystar enterprise (8 locations throughout North America and Canada) congratulates our Merrimack NH location (formerly known as Oztek Corp) for another successful “ISO 9001:2015” Quality Assurance reassessment audit and recertification!

Completed in mid-April by ISOQAR (an independent third-party certification body), this was the Merrimack team’s fourth consecutive ISO 9001:2015 registrar audit without any major finding, minor findings, or recommendations of opportunities for improvement!
Quite an accomplishment … both historically while as Oztek, and since becoming part of Trystar in June 2023.

In 2021, the Merrimack team embarked upon and achieved their initial ISO 9001:2015 certification. The following two years were surveillance audits … and now in 2024, this fourth audit resulted in recertification.

The recertification process included an “all encompassing” evaluation of our Merrimack location’s Quality Assurance processes, a review of the team’s 2023 audit, as well as their current Quality Management System support processes and training across all functional disciplines within our location. 

We’re extremely proud of our Merrimack team for demonstrating their commitment to Quality Assurance! It truly “takes a village” with a tremendous amount of dedication and teamwork to achieve such a track record of success in Quality Assurance processes and standards! Our Merrimack team’s efforts and site results will be leveraged across our unified Trystar enterprise. Congratulations again, Team!

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