Last Updated on December 1, 2022

Main Use of Transformers in Power Supply

Where you use alternating current (AC) electrical energy, you may notice the use of transformers. In direct current (DC) systems, industrial power supplies are used to transform AC voltage into low DC voltage.  Transformers, on the other hand, convert AC voltage to AC voltage or current without impacting power.

Transformers are made from an iron core. On the high voltage side of the core, the coil is wrapped many times, and on the lower voltage side of the transformer, the coil is wrapped fewer times. As electricity enters the coil on one side, it induces a magnetic field that produces a higher or lower voltage in the other coil.

What Is the Function of a Transformer?

Transformers can decrease or increase the voltage, sometimes known as stepping down or stepping up the voltage. Transformers can help make the right power accessible to us when we need it.

The purpose of transformers in power supply is to make electrical power accessible as it travels from a power utility to an office, home, worksite or other location. Energy is lost when it travels along transmission wires from a power plant to a customer. Utilities use a very high voltage to lose less energy.

Different types of transformers are used along the journey. When electricity travels from a power plant, transformers step up the voltage to allow the electricity to travel efficiently. As it leaves the power plant, electricity may be stepped up to thousands of volts to make its journey. Electricity eventually reaches transmission stations, where transformers and control equipment lower the voltage to safer levels. As the electricity travels along transmission lines, it is further reduced by the transformers on power poles.

Another type of transformer steps down the electricity to 120 V when it enters your home or office. At 120 V, the electricity can be used to power some devices and electrical outlets. You may also use an adapter to convert to DC for some devices, like computers.

Why Do We Need Transformers?

We need transformers to allow electricity to be usable and to travel over long distances. This means fewer power plants can economically deliver electricity to a wide range of customers safely without losing much energy. Transformers also ensure the power entering your home is safe for your light bulbs and outlets.

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