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Blast Rated Junction Boxes

Trystar is your single source for junction box design and manufacturing services. We develop personalized designs according to facility requirements and produce junction boxes in-house at our 65,000-square-foot facility. You can count on Trystar for tailored junction boxes that meet the highest manufacturing standards, so request a quote to start planning with our engineers. 

A junction box is an electrical box that provides space for wires to connect. Unlike other electrical boxes, these products facilitate direct connections between wires rather than through switches, receptacles or fixtures. 

Connecting wires directly in a junction box ensures the safest circuit splits. Wires are the most vulnerable at their connection points, so covering them with a junction box will protect them from adverse environmental conditions. Junction boxes also prevent accidental electrocutions or fires that could result from sparks. Using these products will ensure circuit integrity so that the circuit will continue to function in the event of a fire or other environmental emergency. 

Custom Junction Boxes

At Trystar, we customize junction boxes that will ensure your facility’s systems have power during emergencies. Our engineers consider your building’s location and nearby hazards to determine the right size and material for your products. We’ll develop options for indoor applications or weather-protected junction boxes to use outdoors. 

Work with Trystar for: 

  • Junction boxes
  • Marshalling boxes
  • Purged boxes

Junction Box Design, Manufacturing and Integration

Trystar is a nationwide company with turnkey capabilities. We’ll work closely with you to develop and implement the right junction boxes for your facility. Count on Trystar for various junction box services.

Design and Engineering

We’ll assess your facility’s electrical conduit system and engineer junction boxes to optimize transmission.

Fabrication and Manufacturing

We’ll use durable steel to construct junction boxes that implement our engineers’ plans for your facility.


We’ll deliver your junction boxes to your facility and integrate them with the rest of your electrical infrastructure. Junction boxes are available for your existing building or any prefabricated steel enclosure you purchase through Trystar. 

Why Choose Trystar for Junction Boxes?

At Trystar, we have years of experience equipping businesses in your industry with reliable junction boxes that ensure safety in indoor and outdoor applications. Our commitment to satisfying demands and exceeding expectations establishes us as a leading choice for junction boxes in the United States. Work with Trystar.

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