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Blast Resistant Doors

Trystar’s blast-resistant doors protect the vital equipment that keeps your electrical infrastructure or data center operational. We offer turnkey capabilities for blast-rated doors. Request a quote to discuss our engineering, manufacturing and installation services. 

A blast-resistant door will remain in place through immense pressure resulting from an explosion or natural disaster. At Trystar, we develop blast-proof doors and door hinges for remote instrument enclosure (RIE) buildings. Our blast-rated doors will mitigate damage to the equipment or personnel inside your RIE building after an explosion. Blast-resistant doors also contain interior detonations to reduce their impact on the rest of your facility. 

Blast-resistant door hinges and doors from Trystar are ideal for high-risk applications. We engineer and manufacture our products using durable materials like steel and aluminum to resist pressure from the incidents most likely to happen at your facility. Our steel doors withstand pressure up to 40 psi in normal conditions, while our aluminum doors endure 20 psi. 

Customize Blast-Resistant Doors for Your Facility

You navigate a specific set of challenges at your facility, so the equipment you use to protect vital equipment should meet your particular needs. Trystar’s professional engineers make and approve custom blast-resistant doors and hinges. 

Our engineering team will work with you to develop the ideal blast-rated door for your facility. We’ll gather information regarding the likelihood of an explosion at your facility and the pressure you should expect if this event were to occur. By running calculations that consider information unique to your facility, our engineers develop plans for blast-rated doors that will withstand heavy pressure and protect your assets. 

Blast-Rated Doors for Your Industry

Trystar has experience developing blast-rated doors for organizations in multiple sectors, including: 

  • Telecom: Continue providing service through disasters by installing a solid blast-resistant barrier.  
  • Energy generation: Protect vital electrical equipment during an explosion.
  • Military: Secure your base’s structures while testing military equipment. 
  • Government: Ensure consistent power access by installing blast-resistant doors on government property. 
  • Data centers: Protect integral data center equipment or contain the damage after an external or internal explosion. 

Benefits of Blast-Resistant Doors and Hinges

Your organization will experience numerous benefits from installing custom blast-rated doors from Trystar. Work with us to: 

  • Preserve equipment: Minimize damage to your assets in the event of an explosion or seismic event.  
  • Protect structures: Contain blasts that occur behind the door to prevent damage to other parts of your facility.   
  • Guard personnel: Ensure a safe environment for personnel working near hazardous areas. 
  • Secure assets: Store important and valuable equipment behind a substantial barrier. 
  • Maintain productivity: Minimize downtime after an explosion by reducing its impact on vital equipment. 

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