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Back-Up Power Solutions for Natural Disaster Planning, Response, & Recovery

A couple weeks ago, we discussed how Trystar is “shaping the future of power” in disaster recovery operations. We recently had the opportunity to speak to attendees at the “Disasters Expo USA” conference this past March 6 – 7 in Miami Beach, FL. “Disasters Expo USA” is the premier annual event for government officials, facility managers, and municipalities to interact with disaster recovery colleagues who can assist with the latest products and services used in risk assessment and mitigation, as well as other natural disaster preparation, response, and recovery solutions.

Boyd Higgins, our “Sales Director – Portable/Fleet Power Products” spoke to conference attendees about “Back-Up Power Solutions” … specifically the need to have back-up power plans and products prior to the onset of a natural disaster.

“It’s Not If, But When …”
“When” that natural disaster will occur. With more and more demand placed upon it, the aging electrical power grid is becoming increasingly vulnerable to weather-related events. Regardless of whether one believes in “climate change”, the fact is that the cost of weather-related events is staggering. A Congressional Research Service study has calculated the cost weather-related power outages in the U.S. to be between $25 – $150 billion dollars annually.

As part of his talk, Boyd presented some sobering statistics collected from U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reports:

  • Since the year 2000, 83% of the reported major electrical outages in the U.S. were attributed to weather-related events.
  • The average annual number of weather-related power outages has increased by 78% since 2011, compared to 2000 – 2010.
  • Since 2000, there have been 1,542 (recorded) weather-related power outages; most of which were caused by winter weather (22%), tropical cyclones/hurricanes (15%), and other severe weather including tornadoes (58%).

The graphic above illustrates that fully three-quarters of the contiguous U.S. has been severely affected by major power outages since 2000.

So What Can You Do To Prepare For The Next Major Power Outage In Your Area?
Trystar is here to help! We recommend the following options for your natural disaster planning, restoration, and recovery efforts:

  • Discuss a power contingency plan with one of the local backup generator suppliers in your area. Companies such as Sunbelt Rentals, Herc Rentals, CAT Power Rentals, or United Rentals can provide you with a portable generator for your premises during the contingency months of weather concern.
  • Contact Us and ask about our Generator Docking Stations, which enable you to safely connect and disconnect a portable (or permanent) generator to your facility. During a power outage (weather-related or otherwise) our generator docking stations allow you to quickly resume electrical power … thus protecting your facility from the risks of power loss and the types of costs noted above.
  • Additionally, ask us about our full line of portable and industrial power products. Our transformers, I-Line panels, feeder panels, spider boxes, and cables enable you to safely connect to portable generators and distribute electrical power to your restoration and recovery equipment.
  • We also offer a “Quick Ship” program from (5) fully-stocked warehouses strategically located throughout the U.S. Each of these warehouses provide options for next-day delivery and same-day pickup, in order to get our cable products into your hands … fast!

In the conclusion of his presentation, Boyd also highlighted how Trystar leverages our application expertise to deliver complete, custom power solutions. Beyond our extensive product offerings, we can supply custom-designed power equipment to meet your precise specifications.

The bottom line: when it comes to your back-up power solutions for natural disaster planning, response, and recovery, you can count on Trystar!

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