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Finalists! 2023 “New Equipment Digest” Innovation Awards!

Exciting news to share! We’re thrilled to announce that “New Equipment Digest” has awarded THREE Trystar products the distinguished honor of being named “Finalist” in their 2023 Innovation Awards!

“New Equipment Digest” actively publishes and promotes industrial tools, components, and equipment that represent significant advancements in engineering … products that represent the creativity, risks, and R&D required to manufacture the most innovative products in the market.

Seven years ago, “New Equipment Digest” launched their annual “Innovation Awards”, a competition to determine a select handful of products that best represent the potential in the market. These are products that fundamentally change their markets … products that provide real potential for disruptive change.

But here’s the real kicker: instead of “NED” selecting the most innovative products, award winners are determined by a manufacturer’s peers! Yes, other manufacturers and field experts who have ranked their selections as not only the best examples of innovation … but also as products with the most potential for practical implementation in their industry!

And Trystar scored … BIG!!

Entry requirements stipulated that products be “new to the market” within the 2023 calendar year. The “Electrical & Electronics” category was the best fit for Trystar products, and we entered our GridPak, our EV ChargingPak, and our Redesigned Padmount Docking Station.

Portable solar power for sustainable energy storage.

All three of our products entered into the 2023 New Equipment Digest Innovation Awards were selected as “Finalists” in our category! Such an honor for our entire Trystar team!

You’ll begin to see the “Finalist” logo (shown above) in our marketing and promotional content for each of these products!

For more details about our GridPak, EV ChargingPak, or Redesigned Padmount Docking Station products, please Contact Us! One of our product application specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

“Padmount Docking Station”
Featuring French-style cabinet doors,

with a patented solenoid interlock.
“EV ChargingPak”
Portable electric vehicle charger.
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