Trystar’s triple breaker addition to the Dual Purpose family allows the inclusion of a third dedicated breaker for the temporary load bank. The Dual Purpose family allows the safe, fast, and legal connection of a temporary generator and portable load bank in compliance with the requirements in NEC 2017 and later editions. Avoiding costly temporary modifications of the existing electrical equipment and ensuring your facility can respond immediately to the next outage by restoring normal operations safely and legally.




120/240V, 120/240V Delta, 208Y/120V, 480V, 480Y/277V, 600V


Factory-installed phase rotation monitor, all-aluminum NEMA 3R or stainless 4X construction, patented tamper-resistant rake system to prevent cable theft and unauthorized disconnection, industry-standard 16 Series CamLok connections compatible with any rental generator or load bank for facility backup and permanent generator testing, integrated bottom conduit entry access for permanent conduit and feeder connections, mechanical or Kirk Key interlock to safely disconnect and transfer power, custom powder coat, custom UV-printed graphics, made in the USA


Generator reliability package with auto start, battery charger, block heater, and load shed receptacle, strip heater & unit thermostat (375 Watt), secondary convenience receptacles for added power options, patented solenoid safety interlock door to comply with NEC702.12C, utility indicator lights


Trystar Triple Breaker Docking Station Application

Trystar Triple Breaker Dual Purpose Docking Station


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