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Customized Transformers Help Rock the Entertainment Industry


CES Power serves a variety of industries with temporary power and HVAC solutions. These industries include entertainment, broadcasting, and emergency response. They have several blue-chip clients and have an unmatched reputation for providing services to complex and high-profile events, including multi-stadium touring acts and some of the largest music festivals in the world. Recent projects include the NFL Draft and the NCAA Final Four tournament.

Providing clean, reliable power of varying voltage and amperage for events requires multiple pieces of equipment. They often include generators, cables, power conditioners, power distribution panels and boxes, and transformers. Portable step-down AC transformers are standard whether the power originates from the grid or a generator. They are used to power lighting and sound systems for events and concerts in outdoor locations or venues that do not have adequate electrical infrastructure. Their build quality is paramount for music festivals that rely on sensitive and expensive musical equipment, including instruments, speakers, and microphones. Portable transformers are typically designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport and set up in different locations as needed.

One standard interior-type door width is 32 inches. But not all transformers are designed to fit through them. Further, they are sometimes too big to fit into elevators. This issue complicated power distribution at many event venues. It could require longer cable runs, multiple connectors, and significantly more time and labor. As CES’ business grew, so did the demand for appropriately-sized transformers.

Knowing that Trystar carried a line of transformers and had a reputation for customization, CES approached it to customize a transformer to its specs. It wanted a high-quality transformer but one that was also lightweight, extremely portable, and dimensionally appropriate for standard door widths. It also wanted a unit that optimized “truck packing,” wherein at least three units could ride side by side within the width of a semi-trailer.


Trystar met the challenge by designing a custom transformer in collaboration with CES engineers and technical staff. The dimensions satisfied both door clearance and truck packing requirements. The dolly-style transformer is rugged and built into its own industrial-strength cage, which makes it ideal for rental applications. The cage also features lift rings and fork pockets for easy conveyance by crane or forklift. To help CES visibly promote its brand, Trystar developed a custom powder coat to match CES’ brand color and applied a UV-printed CES logo to each transformer.


CES adopted the new style transformer and placed an initial order for 20 units. It continues to place orders to accommodate continuing growth. They are delighted with the design, and the transformers have been performing flawlessly: a necessary element in the entertainment and film business.

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