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100 KAIC Rating for Trystar Docking Stations

Last Updated on April 25, 2022

Trystar is proud to announce our generator docking station (GDS), dual breaker docking station (DBDS) and triple breaker docking station (TBDS) are now listed to UL 1008 standards with a 100KAIC rating at 480V. The previous listing for the same voltage was 65 KAIC. The 100KAIC rating is new as of July 2021.

KAIC, which means “Kilo Ampere Interrupting Capacity” or “Thousand Ampere Interrupting Capacity,” is a common rating in the electrical industry. In electrical applications, KAIC refers to measurements of a circuit breaker’s capacity to stand up to an overload or short circuit.

The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines an interruption rating as the highest current a device can interrupt under standard test conditions. A circuit breaker with a 100-ampere rating will not trip unless more than 100 amperes of current passes through it.


UL 1008 was created in 1970 by Underwriters Laboratories to protect against potential fires and transfer switch failures. In addition to falling under a construction and design standard category, UL 1008 is also a performance standard. This standard mandates that transfer switches receive comprehensive evaluations by an independent testing and certification agency.

The UL Listed seal indicates that UL has tested a product to strict national sustainability and safety standards. Additionally, UL finds the product free from reasonably foreseeable fire and electric shock risks in a Division 2 environment. A Division 2 environment refers to an area where ignitable concentrations are present.

UL Listed approval ensures the longevity and safety of many household items under normal wear and tear with typical daily use. This approval benefits both the consumer and the business that manufactures the product, primarily because of UL’s safety reputation and the inherent accountability of your brand when using the UL Listed logo.


The 100KAIC rating for our docking stations is up to two times greater than most of our competitors. This rating gives us a competitive edge that we can pass onto you, allowing our stations to exceed the performance of others to suit your application needs. The 100KAIC rating affects several Trystar products, including:

  • Generator Docking Station: This docking station can safely connect and disconnect a portable generator to a lift station, building or movable piece of equipment. During a power outage, the GDS allows you to quickly return power to your facility, helping protect your building from the risks and costs of power loss.
  • Dual-Purpose Generator Docking Station: This docking station allows you to connect a loading bank and a portable generator simultaneously. This concept saves money and time when the permanent generator needs servicing. We use the Kirk Key mechanism to transfer power from a permanent generator to a portable device with our most common dual-purpose docking station.
  • Triple Breaker Docking Station: The triple breaker station allows for a third breaker as part of the temporary loading bank. This system produces the fast, safe and legal connection of a temporary generator and portable load bank in compliance with NEC standards. This system helps avoid costly modifications of existing electrical equipment and ensures that your facility can respond immediately to a subsequent outage by restoring normal operations legally and safely.


At Trystar, we supply various docking stations to safely connect load banks or portable generators, helping protect you from expensive and potentially dangerous power losses. We design and manufacture our products to exceed industry standards, including 100KAIC ratings and UL standards. Our systems last much longer and perform better than our competitors.

Our expert representatives are standing by to ensure that we provide you with the best solutions for your requirements. Contact us today!

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