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About Us

Located in Faribault, Minnesota, TRYSTAR is a leading domestic manufacturer and international distributor of portable and permanent power solutions, industrial cables and power accessories. We began operations as Bridgewater Tech, an industrial cable wholesaler founded in 1991. It wasn't long before we realized there was room for innovation and improvement in the safety and performance of the products we were selling. As a result, we began manufacturing our own welding and grounding cables under the TRYSTAR brand in 1993.

A Legacy of Firsts

Over the years, TRYSTAR cables have broken a lot of ground. Our higher standards of quality and durability have dramatically altered the expectations of professionals looking for safer, more reliable power solutions. In the development of industry innovations, TRYSTAR has consistently led the way.


  • introduce sequential foot-marking to the welding cable industry, reducing the chance of waste
  • introduce custom-printed, colored cable, reducing the chance of theft on the job site
  • market a color-coded, insulated inner safety liner, designed to alert the cable's user to any damage or wear and minimize problems in the field
  • produce a true Arctic weather cable that remains flexible to -57°C
  • introduce an improved clear-sheathed grounding cable that is flexible from -40°C to +105°C, allowing for safer grounding of high power lines during outages
  • introduce environmentally responsible, recyclable packaging for cable products
  • provide direct-to-market, completely assembled cable products, with unique and specific job identifiers, delivered directly to the job site

Developing the TRYSTAR Advantage
As the superiority of TRYSTAR cables became evident throughout the industry, we were encouraged to expand operations to offer customers greater versatility and reliability in the field. And as the brand took its place among the most trusted, Bridgewater Tech's transition to the TRYSTAR name became inevitable.

Today, TRYSTAR offers a wide range of capabilities specifically designed with the end-user in mind. We refuse to push one-size-fits-all options on our customers, insisting instead on more efficient, customized solutions. Our products are made with only the highest quality raw materials, manufactured on site and serviced by our own professionals. And our factory is fully integrated, providing customers with a full range of professionally packaged industrial products and services.

Our next innovation could be yours
For 20 years, we've consistently offered innovative ways to enhance our customers' experience. We pride ourselves on the ability to service your immediate needs. That's why TRYSTAR offers shorter lead times, requires lower minimums and provides quicker on-site delivery for all custom orders. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. No job is too simple or too complex. We love answering unique challenges with creative thinking. If we don't have a product or solution that fits your needs, we'll design one that does. It's that simple.