Automatic Transfer Switch

When you require reliable power for critical operations, the automatic transfer switch (ATS) from Trystar can help you prevent downtime and maximize safety on the job. Since 1991, we’ve been providing trusted resources for your operational needs, and we continue to deliver powerful solutions for wide-ranging industries today.

All it takes is one severe thunderstorm, and your utility power can instantly go offline. The ability to automatically and quickly switch to back-up power can be a huge time-saver and money-saver. It’s also a safety issue, because having the proper generator connections reduces the risk of injury to utility workers trying to restore power.

Obviously, maintaining power during an outage is mandatory in life and safety applications like pandemic response and other urgent needs, including medical testing/screening centers and temporary hospitals. However, it’s also a financial consideration when restoring power quickly can protect you and your business from an expensive and possibly dangerous power loss.

The Trystar Automatic Transfer Switch gives you peace of mind, and the confidence that your backup power will kick in automatically, no matter the time of day or night, even when maintenance personnel are not on site.

Specs and Features

We offer trusted products with specialized features and customization to fit your operational requirements. You can rely on our automatic transfer switches for generators to deliver secure, reliable performance on your job site.


  • 100-1200A (over 1200A available with breaker based ATS)
  • Up To 480V (over 1200A available up to 600V with breaker based ATS)


  • 120/240V 1Ph
  • 120/240V 3Ph
  • 480V (No neutral)
  • 277/480V 3Ph


  • Load shed receptacle for safe disconnection from the load bank during a power outage
  • Industry-standard 16 Series CamLok connections compatible with any load bank or rental generator
  • Factory-installed phase rotation monitor
  • Patented tamper-resistant rake system to protect from unauthorized disconnection or cable theft
  • All aluminum NEMA 3R or stainless 4X construction


  • SER main breaker optional
  • Secondary convenience receptacles for added power options
  • Custom listed receptacles
  • 4 pole switch neutral rotary switch
  • Utility indicator lights
  • Two wire auto start
  • Battery charger receptacle 20A DUPLEX 125V
  • Block heater receptacle 30A L5-30 125V
  • Service entrance rated
  • 50A twist-lock 125V/250V
  • SCADA terminal port
  • 100% grounded
  • Strip heater & unit thermostat (375 Watt)
  • Stainless steel construction
  • CADA terminal port
  • Listed monitoring device
  • Surge protection device
  • Patented solenoid safety interlock door to comply with NEC702.12C
  • Load dump receptacle
  • Battery charger receptacle 20A DUPLEX 125V
  • You can submit special requests






Complementary Cable

We offer additional cable to fit your operational requirements and make setting up power with your generator faster and simpler. Our complementary offerings include generator cables.

We can also customize our solutions to your unique needs or provide optional features to fit your precise applications. Speak with our team to determine the best options for your requirements.

Trust Trystar for Your ATS Transfer Needs

When you require automatic transfer switch solutions for your operations, Trystar is here to help. We offer sturdy, fully compliant products that meet the highest quality standards in the industry. For more information on our product solutions, reach out to us to request a quote today.